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Pangul Galli also to be widened to 40 feet

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Commissioner of City corporation Sashidhar Kerur with other officials visited Pangul galli after starting the demolition drive in Tenginkera galli on Friday.

The officials said this was a just a visit to ascertain and see how the road widening of Pangul galli can be done.

pangul galli Belagavi
Pangul Galli Belagavi

As per the CDP the road is earmarked to be a 40 feet road so this will be widened to 40 feet. The current width of the road varies from 20 to 25 feet, hence about 10 feet on each side will have to be demolished and acquired.

The process may not stat immediately as the plan is envisaged under the 4th CM’s special 100 crore grant and after its approval only work will be commenced.

There were rumors that work in Pangul Gall will also be commenced in this week, but officails said it wont be so soon as approvals are yet to be sought.

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