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Breaking the Stereotypes: Trupti Kamat

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by Mandar Kolhapure
Smile Please…! Comes a sound from the crowd and you turn back to see the ever-smiling photographer Trupti Kamat asking you to smile for a perfect click. A profession which is completely dominated by the male, especially in Belagavi, Trupti Kamat is breaking the stereotypes and has carved a niche for herself in the field of photography.

Being one of the very few women photographers is an advantage. But the challenges of being women are equally tough. Late night shoots, long distance locations, destiny weddings and a crowd mostly filled with men are some of the main challenges. In such a situation you need a strong support and faith from your parents. If Trupti is flying high today, she owes it to her parents who gave her the wings to fly.



Photography is a field which depends on individual talent or creativity, irrespective of the gender. Trupti is very much proving this right. Wedding, Pre Wedding, Maternity, Birthdays, Baby showers, events, rallies etc. Trupti has covered almost all types of photography.

Asked whether being a women helps her to get orders for maternity and baby shower type of photography, considering the comfort of the lady with a women photographer, Trupti says the client today prefers more creative outcome than considering the comfort. Hence the orders depend completely on the skills and service.

Trupti attends workshops regularly to keep her upgraded with the latest trends in the market. She will soon be taking up a course in Pune to improve her skills in food photography.

Asked about the USP that has made her the talk of the town and the most preferred photographer among all the women groups, Trupti says it’s her friendly behavior not only with the clients but with everyone around that has made her everyone’s favorite.

Today, Trupti is so full and busy with orders, that when asked where is Trupti, they say Trupti in Kaamaat. (meaning Trupti is at work)


3 thoughts on “Breaking the Stereotypes: Trupti Kamat”

  1. I go to her shop always for printouts, etc. Hers was the first photo studio I ever went to when I came to Belgaum and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Stay blessed and godspeed woman!

  2. Trupti in Kaamaat…this sentence indicates that she is very busy in her profession. Busy means she has a good knowledge of the art and a good customer support.
    I wish her every success and a bright future!


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