Centurion Beats COVID-19

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Amid the uncertainty prevailing due to the rising COVID-19 cases a fortnight ago in Belagavi, infected rushing to the hospital for admission, here is brave Baburao Walvekar, 99 years resident of Shivbasavnagar, Belagavi defeated the COVID-19 infection through home isolation and has come out of the infection.

“I am fit and fine. Don’t worry about me,” asserted the 99-year-old while speaking to his family members over the telephone. Born in 1922 he joined the Mumbai Police in Alibag in 1942 in British Government.

The beaming Baburao has combated the deadly virus and beat it in just a matter of 20 days by staying at home. He is retired in 1979 from the Police service. Before his retirement he served at Ratnagiri, Sangli he was posted in Bijapur in 1959. He also served in Railway Police and Retired at Belagavi in 1979.

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A born fighter who has come up in his life through sheer hard work and determination has seen much tougher situations said Baburao. While family members got scared the 99-year-old has not only showed the virus that ruled his body but is also back to his daily routine as easily as it never happened. Baburao’s Son (Retd. Bank employee) & his daughter-in-law tested positive. Later the infection passed on to Baburao and his wife (88 Years).

Baburao and his wife also tested for Covid-19 on May 11th after they developed some mild symptoms like fever, headache, fatigue, and weakness. Baburao was not willing for admissions and treatment. So, his w also preferred home isolation.

A strong believer in himself and believes that the body will heal on its own. However, his son immediately contacted doctor Dr. Sashikant Kulgod, Consultant of Lake-view hospital & expressed his inability to shift his father to the hospital due to his advanced age & prevailing covid situation at its peak.

Dr. Kulgod immediately visited the home of Baburao Walvekar examined him, advised investigations and medication. Dr. Kulgod advised that admitting to the hospital may increase his chances of acquiring other infections and it won’t be advisable to give him high doses of medicines. Dr. Kulgod every day sent a nurse to visit and monitor & take care of Baburao.

Baburao and his wife recovered very well without many complications said his son. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to Dr. Kulgod for his home visit and counseling the family members and his words of encouragement have acted as anti-viral drugs to all of us said the jubilant son. All of us have recovered by being in home isolation said Baburao.

After 10 days of home treatment, my father started showing recovery and his food intake began improving,” said his son. Recovered from Covid bit tired but not lost enthusiasm to live said, my Police service and discipline made me tough to face any challenges. I chant holy scriptures day in and day out and pray for all. I stroll into the compound with the aid of a walker and recovering slowly.

Baburao & his family are lucky ones who have come out of covid by being in home isolation. We wish him & his family healthy long life.

by Dr. Pramod N Sulikeri, Ph.D
Transplant Coordinator, KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC Belagavi.

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