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Dancing to the tunes of Girish Kamanuris Zero G dance academy Belgaum

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zerog2Girish Kamanuri is an enthusiastic young dancer from Belgaum and has performed all over the country and specifically remembers his performance infront of President Smt.Prathiba Patil under the All India Contemporary Dance tour.

Girish did his schooling from B K Model School later pursued his PUC at Phoenix college and then his diploma in pharmacy. Girish has done numerous productions, workshops, courses on contemporary dance country wide and trained many in this dance form.

It was his dream to start a dance school in Belgaum and started the same named “Zero G” with a workshop in 2011 incontemporary and b-boying.

Zero G” situated in Shahpur now has regular classes on different dance forms like contemporary, hip hop, b-boying.

He has choreographed many events in Belgaum itself like the trinity 2011 (JNMC), Nasa-GIT, Belgaum Rotary club conference doing wit a one hour dance show at cped grounds with 40 professional artists, 7 dance forms.

He has performed at various places in the country and also abroad.
Girish spoke to AAB about his academy and his future plans: 

Girish Kamanuri Belgaum
Girish Kamanuri



When did you start your dance career and how did you think of this field?

Girish Kamanuri ——> Dance career started in Bangalore in 2003, when I reached Bangalore to study diploma in pharmacy, with the studies I started participating in inter college dance competitions, after attending many competitions I met Mr. Rojor Manathor (on 8 dance company choreographer) in a competition itself. Later he trained me with contemporary, hip hop new school dancing and b-boying.
The First opportunity to perform was given by Nupur Gandhekar and Sagar Girme(on8 dance company proprietor)

Who inspired you to get into dancing? And how was the support from the family?

Girish Kamanuri ——> My Dancing inspiration from the moment I met Mr. Rojor Manathor (guru) has been him only to lead me in dance with including studies. My family was supportive but similar middle class attitude, first complete your studies and then dancing etc.

Do you have any unfulfilled ambition-many,one of them?
Girish Kamanuri ——> I continued dancing along with studies for six years, I then completed even degree in pharmacy. But my love for Dance was my passion.zerog3

Modern westernized dances are enjoying an unprecedented popularity. They have a mass hysteria. Your thoughts?

Girish Kamanuri ——> Modern dancing is having huge impact on everyone in India, but I learnt in a dance company where ancient things will be thought first and then the present generation dance forms…. so I believe all the dance forms have the equal priority.

What are the future plans of your dance studio?
Girish Kamanuri ——> Future plans with my Zero G dance company Belgaum is to create a movie with all the students whom I thought dancing, so that people from Belgaum understand the way of working with the dance education.

 Any memorable performance

Girish Kamanuri ——> All India contemporary dance tour with on8 dance company in the year 2011 for two month performance in 28 major cities in India  was my memorable performance for the social cause STOP FEMALE FOETICIDe and then in 2012 May 22nd performed in London at Dominion theatre representing India for the cause SAVE HUMANITY.

Your thoughts on the upcoming talent in Belgaum how can one groom oneself being here.

Girish Kamanuri ——> In Belgaum there are lots of potential to build a dance company in an international way, example is – there are students who are learning from me from past one year and now they are ready to participate in all India championships.

Performance at JNMC
Performance at JNMC


Dance forms you teach are not so very common, then why did you choose them?

Girish Kamanuri ——> I chose contemporary dance to learn because it can enact a story very well when compared to western other dance forms. Hence I decided that even new generation style is also important to learn and one needs to be versatile and hence I chose hip hop new school dancing and b-boying as well which goes well with Contemporary style.

What is the best thing about Belgaum you like?

Girish Kamanuri ——> The best thing of Belgaum I like is the strength and the capacity to adopt fast when compared to metro city urban people.

What are your thoughts on this website?

Girish Kamanuri ——> My thoughts on this website is a great. Where people are gathered at one place and announcing a great inspirational things can bring someone upfront and can create a big thing in a small place.

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  1. Great Brother, Zero G, you are living inspiration to all others who born in middle class but dreams high….
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