Shame of potholed roads

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This is an annual, unfailing occurrence, and there didn’t seem to be a solution in sight. Roads filled with potholes and the reason why they are there now seems to be different. 

May be its is natures saying ‘Slow down’ in this fast paced life which can have adverse affects on the human soul, so put on your brakes first.
If one tries to count the potholes on a road, we found about 100+ potholes in a 100 mtrs road on Congress road.
In this era of branding and making use of any such opportunity this is a great place to give the citizens and free roller coaster ride and dancing practice for free.


Congress road Same Congress road Military Mahadev Junction over the years

We have already accepted these potholes to be a part of our society and an inherent portion of life in Belgaum. Take any road in the city, all have potholes, a few have more and few less, but their existence is inevitable.
The best part is the authorities dont even want to fill the same with stones and give some first aid treatment, infact they feel may be the citizens must enjoy the rains and also the potholes and the roller coaster ride. Maybe we can have a Super dancer from Belgaum the next season and again thanks to the potholes.
A lady died in Mumbai after she tried to avoid a pothole, but the Police have filed a FIR against the deceased lady for negligence and not wearing a helmet.
And I hope the contractor who built the road will be awarded later by the elected representatives who are in reality the representatives of the citizens but they normally represent the other side.
What has happened in Mumbai can happen here as well and the thing that we are all used to live with potholes is a reality. 

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