Employment Trends in Belagavi…!!

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Amidst drifts across industries at the national or international levels, the cascading effect on employment generation of the same can be seen at a microscopic front in a city like ours. With automation taking the forefront and newer thirst for talent with the industry relevant skills, the employment market is witnessing a transformation at a much faster pace than ever before. And this transformation is much evident and visible in the top tier cities, but cities like ours are not vulnerable to the change.

Inevitably, every change in technology or market condition, the employment market takes the toll and is clearly visible to all of us. A few such visible changes in the employment market of Belagavi are mentioned here and can be seen as potential career opportunities in the days to come.

Employment Trends in BelagaviOutsourcing

With the ever-increasing demand of cheap labour and low cost of operation, many large corporations are happy to set up their service centres in smaller cities and Belagavi is also one of the cities enriched with good talent and makes a good option for this industry. In the last couple of years, many outsourcing (Call Centre, BPO & KPO) set-ups have come up in the city and provide a good opportunity to fresh graduates passing out from college and also to those working in the bigger cities to move back to their home-town to continue their career in the same domain. Though the number is miniscule today, but with good pool of available talent the city shall witness a growth of employment opportunities.


Though the famous tag of foundry hub opined for our city remains a challenge today, but the manufacturing domain as a whole provides ample opportunity to the skilled lot of people seeking employment opportunities. With every change in technology and processes, there is bound to be a new line of demand for the job seekers and provides an opportunity to be a part of the transformation.

Trading Houses and Service Industry

The changing life style (thanks to our tastes and tangs) our city would witness a great demand in products and services that are new to us, and this invariably provides business opportunities to the next generation entrepreneurs and also to the existing business houses. And the same shall create good employment opportunities not only for the skilled but also for the unskilled labour. This sector is providing and would continue to provide ample of career opportunities for students graduating from commerce, to management studies to other allied courses.

Banking and Financial Services

As a catalyst for any strong growing economy, Banking and Financial Services go hand in hand providing ample employment opportunities for the new talent entering the market and our city in no exception. With a growing numbers in business / trading houses and the entry of many NBFC’s into small time banks, the talent needed in this domain would be always on a rise. And with entry of new private financial houses in the growing consumer market like Belagavi, the potential to absorb skilled labour would definitely be on a rise.

Having listed the employment opportunities, there also comes a challenge of getting skilled and Industry ready people in the employment market. And unfortunately, we can witness a good size of population from different states migrating to Belagavi and take up the jobs, especially in the semi or unskilled areas. Lets’ get familiar to the term called Unemployability and not unemployment, as the real challenge which needs to be addressed. The supply of unskilled manpower in the market not only disturbs the employment market, but also ruins the process of Nation building as a whole.

(About the Author: Mr.Suhas Rajput, is a Training and Recruitment Consultant and is the Director of Proficient Minds: An HR Recruitment & Training Organization. He can be reached @ [email protected])

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    My name is Nishat .. I am Looking for job in Back End Process … I have 3 and half yrs of Back End Process Experience in Pune ..

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  2. I am looking out for a job in data entry both in English and Kannada, plus in any BPO, Clerical, back end process. speed typing non voice process, highest accuracy. i have completed my SSLC From St. Mary’s High School, belgaum with 76%. Have completed my B.Com from K.L.E. Society’s Lingaraj College, Belgaum with 81%. Please if have any job vacancies then do inform. thanks! Regards

    • We have a similar vacancy with a BPO. Please contact me on 9611895925 if you are still looking out for an opportunity.


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