by Mandar Kolhapure
On one side we all run away from the street dogs or either ‘chhuu’ them off by throwing a stone or raising our hands, this mother and daughter duo do something opposite. They ride through the streets to find out abandoned dogs or pets and bring them to a shelter house. Meet Bhagyashree Kunchur and her mother Laxmi Kunchur from Belagavi.

Bhagyashree and her mother have adopted nearly 100 street dogs, cats and pets which were abandoned by the society or which were injured by speeding vehicles or which were thrown in the dustbins or which are unwell suffering from some disease.


EPITOME OF HUMANITY: BHAGYASHREE AND LAXMIEPITOME OF HUMANITY: BHAGYASHREE AND LAXMIEPITOME OF HUMANITY: BHAGYASHREE AND LAXMIThey have built a shed for these pets at Waghwade which is 15 km away from the city. They travel here daily by bus, spend 2-3 hours with the pets, feed them and treat them with medicines. In case of injured or ill pets, they take it to the nearby clinic. They travel back to the city and collect such pets and bring them to the shelter by auto. They have been doing this for many years. What’s more appreciable is that they are doing this all by themselves at their own expense. They face a problem while commuting by the bus. The shelter is not near to any bus stop and hence sometimes the bus driver rejects to stop in between. Hence at many instances, they had to walk a long distance from the bus stop to the shelter house. Amidst all these hurdles they still continued with their noble work.

A standing ovation to Bhagyashree and her mother who give us true lessons of humanity.




  1. Great job ….worth to be followed by ….quite heart touching
    Salutes to the great kind hearted human beings…

  2. Can you please let me know how I can help them financially? I dont live in India/Belgaum but would really like to help..

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