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Fit as a fiddle at 75

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Bike got punctured near Shri Basveshwar Circle, and then the search for the Puncture shop began and one was visible in the vicinity. When we went there we saw an old man, aged about 75 years, and naturally, we asked, is there anyone who will repair this puncture for us?

The old man collecting a few tools just walked out of the small shop and came near the bike and started on his work without any delay.


While he was busy with his work trying to find the puncture, we just asked, You are old and even then you take up this strenuous work? Are there any financial problems at home?

He was quick to reply that, I am happy at home, my children work and they look after me as well, there is no problem for food or shelter, but if I don’t work, I feel lazy and very weak. If I keep working then only I can stay fit and live this life. I will keep working until my last breath he concluded.

In no time the puncture was patched and then while paying him we paid him some extra money, but he declined the extra and said, for this job this is enough, I don’t expect more and returned the extra money, and said the money I get is enough for me to buy chocolates and toys for my grandchildren, hence I don’t need more.

This old man taught us so many lessons of life in a span of 20 minutes, which no Management college will ever teach. Satisfaction and working to stay fit.

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  1. Need to learn a lot from such life situations. Rarely we find such people. Such positive impact stories are more welcome


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