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Getting out of the Bottle was not easy – But I am Happy I Got out

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Disclaimer: This story has been published to tell how an alcohol addict was able to come out of the clutches of Alcohol by visiting the temple. This article in NO WAY encourages superstition or any superstitious beliefs. None of the matter in this story should be read as encouragement of superstition.

He was one of those notorious kids in school who used to bunk classes for silly reasons and with a gang of somewhat elder friends, he started to smoke when in school. An average student with 60% plus he never had the urge to cross over and get a few more, you may call it he was self satisfied.

Then it were those Golden days of College and as it happens in college (to many) he started to drink but it was all fun and very limited.

While he was somehow sailing through life and then suddenly the loss of his elder brother was a shocker to him and the entire family; and then the responsibility of looking after the family also followed suit very early.

He got himself a certified BREWER certificate and worked as an Area Manger for Coffee outlet in Goa and Belagavi. He was not one of those who will stick to one job for life and he shifted as a manager of Mobile company outlet.

This was the time when without his noesis the Bottle had drunk him over and he was habituated to drinking which in college was just fun now was seeming like a necessity.

Booze was not only my great love, but his life’s principal purpose. It was the thing that he prioritized above all else: friends, family (damn it, it was how he dealt with family), certainly love.

As it happens, his family thought this fellow will improve lets marry him out. So he Got married; the drinking was reduced considerably but he never realized when he went back into drinking.

His sister then one day decided to put him into rehab (rehabilitation or De-addiction) centre. He too thought lets try it out as at this time he was not giving time for my family nor my kids; and there was some guilt feeling. Out of the rehab, he lived like a King & lived without drinking for a week and back to square one. Suddenly he decided to take over a hotel and run it.

With God’s grace found a fantastic team and business grew many a folds but the drinking habit was increasing day by day. 1 full bottle or even more than 2  a day, no concentration on business and family, but he was really unaware about all of this.

During his drinking days, friends suggested to join a rehab but when he told them he has already been there twice they too were heart broken.

Family members suffered serious social, economical and psychological problems because of his drinking but he was busy drinking as if the world is the happiest place on the planet.

One day it was the fatal end when he vomited and was admitted to hospital and doctors said if you even drink one more glass and you will die. For those days in hospital it was all sober and those huge promises made to family with tears and full of emotions that he would not drink.

A couple of days back at work and there he was drinking again. Then a friend who could not see him asked him to goto Pune and see “Sarje mama’s Neelkantheshwar temple near Pune”.

His journey to this place for de-addiction is again nothing less than a film story. He came near the bus stand went straight to bar and drank about 2 bottles of rum and that night offered drinks to all in the bar. Infact that day he spent around 10,000 in a single night and then boarded a bus to Pune.

The next dawn was in Pune and two guys nearby who said were from Belagavi said they were also going the same way and would drop him at Neelkantheshwar temple.

He does believe in miracles by God, but he is not an atheist either. At the serene site of the temple which is on a hillock he was asked to perform a puja, tie a thread in my neck and make a promise, thats it. Like anyone else he made the promise waited there for a while and left the place.

You may call him insane ,but from that moment He hasn’t touched Liquor of any sorts. He has not drunk a drop since then and it is more than 2 years now.

He still recalls while he was standing near Natraj theater infront of a bar in Pune he never felt like going inside.

What power is this he is still sure if there is any?

We are not here to tell about miracles as well. But the fact is that it has happened to an accomplice and we had to share it with you. He left drinking from that day and now happy with my business, family and loads of friends who still drink but never call me to give company.

Life has been very kind to me I should rather say, my wife and kids are so happy now which I never saw them earlier.

About 26 other people from Belagavi have also gone to Temple and have left drinking and are sober which is very interesting to know. May this is a chain of sorts where you have to inform about your being sober after the promise and let others know about it.

Neelkantheshwar Temple is still a less known destination to many even being so close to Pune.
It is a Shiva temple situated on a hillock, which is over 900 mt above sea level (1000 ft above Pune) and around 40 Kms from Pune near Panshet-Varshgaon dam. 

Sarjemama, a forest ranger, has made various sculptures and it is said he only found the Shiva linga on this hill, built the temple around it and made those hundreds of sculptures.
Late Sarjemama was also associated with ‘Vyasan Mukti Abhiyaan’ and rehabilitated 4-5 lacs of alcoholic people.

Address : Neel Kantheshwar temple is situated on Sinhagad Road towards Panshet, right in front of the Vitthalwadi bus stop, big hill of Neelkantheshwar. The place is around 40 km away from the city of Pune.

He never experienced the flood of energy that reformed boozehounds enthuse about. That said, not being permanently hung-over is never not a perk. Life is calmer, more plodding, more genuinely lifelike than the epic, all-or-nothing existence he had contrived for himself. 

The “Ray of Hope” for him has been this promise he made at Neelkantheshwar.

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  1. I know this place, hv never visited it but hv friends who hv been there and even broken promises made there.. I too was a heavy drinker and hv not drunk since August 7, 2013.. I am now a Pandarpur Warkari.. according to me it’s 99% ur own will power and 1% God’s will.. My determination and dedication towards my family helped me to quit drinks.. Anyone who wants to quit drinking should think of their family because they are the only ones who will suffer after Ur gone with the wind..

  2. I want to take my husband there…i am in pune right nw…my vastu expert suggested me to go der..i hope it works for my husband too…sincere prayers!!

  3. The kirans no. Is not available we can’t contact him kindly provide another contact no. Want to know the details
    Need your help it’s urgent ..plz help us on
    9421020979, 9028510713

  4. Hi,

    Please tell me on which day and what timing to go there. I will be travelling from Mumbai. I want to take my husband there. This is my last hope hence please anyone can help me with the details would be appreciated. Can somebody share latest mobile number of that place.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi sir/ madam my brother is addicted to alcohol for more than 3 years.he have left his work and is COMPLETELY ENGROSSED himself in alcohol…he drinks country made (deshi daru) he has started steeling money from home inorder to buy liquor…do u think getting him to ur place will be of any use. Because hi has no intention not will power to leave alcohol.please reply


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