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Kalghatgi Husband wife duo ride 3000 kms individually from Belagavi to Rajasthan

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Mrs.Tejasa Harshad Kalghatgi, is probably the first women rider from Belagavi to Ride on her own Bike as a Solo Rider to BOBMC, Brother Hood Of Bulleters Motorcycling Consortium, from Belagavi to Udaipur Rajasthan and back to Belagavi, covering a distance of approximately 3000 kms and she rode along with her husband Harshad and other members of MOB Mad Over Bikes club.

Tejasa rode her Royal Enfield Himalayan Sleet, along with her Husband Harshad who rode a Royal Enfiled Classic Chrome 500, who rode further ahead covering a distance of approximately 4000 kms upto Jaisalmer Rajasthan.

They attended the annual Royal Enfield Rider Mania known as BOBMC, Brother Hood Of Bulleters Motorcycling Consortium 2019 in which approx 1800 Riders attended the event across India and also competed in events such as Dirt Race, Obstacle race, Hill climb etc with their Royal Enfield bikes.
Tejasa Harshad Kalghatgi biker belagav

It was just last year that Tejasa attended the same event at Bhor Satara and soon after that she got her self a RE Himalayan, and after continuous training and practice of rides, she was ready to do a solo ride of such a long distance.

She was trained by Harshad on professional riding tips along with fitness and diet and also included bike maintenance, service and repairs training by Sachin Devoji.

This ride was organised by a riding club from Belagavi known as MOB Mad Over Bikes, of which Harshad Kalghatgi is the Moderator. Other members of the club who completed this ride Sumegh Kamat who did solo rides of 4000 kms and Prasad Spare, Dhiren Upadhay, and pillion were Krutika Sapare and Pooja Upadhay who covered 3000 kms along with Solo rider Tejasa.

Tejasa Harshad Kalghatgi biker belagavThe main theme of this ride of MOB riding club was Women Empowerment, and the tag was WOW-MOB that stands for Women on Wheels – Mad Over Bikes.

Speaking to AAB, Tejasa said It has been a year’s preparation and have to thank my in laws, parents and kids Swaraj and Siya for being supportive for such a herculean task and managing the rest back home.

The ride started from Belagavi, covering 4 states Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat And Rajasthan , Having halts at Pune, Baruch, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and back the same route to Belagavi.

It took 15 days to cover the same and the daily rides used to be of approximately 450 kms of riding experiences with few halts and riding in cold temperatures ranging to as below as Zero degree, maneuvering different terrains from highways, inner smaller towns, heavy traffic of Mumbai to steep ghats.

Tejasa Harshad Kalghatgi biker belagav
Harshad firmly believes that if women are empowered they can achieve anything and are equal or at times better than men in any given tasks.

Tejasa also won accolades at BOBMC as she was among the very few handful of Women riders to ride to Udaipur across India, and the only one from Belagavi.

Tejasa transformation from being a Studious Rank holder from college days to becoming the first women rider from Belagavi to attend BOBMC, and also a professional Off road Jeeper, and a cyclist has been a long and wonderful experience.

bobmc-grpHarshad Kalghatgi believes that these rides teach a lot of things, such as fitness, networking, team management, meeting different people and make good friends, resource management and all summed up to become a better person. He would urge other interesting riders who wish to be a professional rider to join their club and may contact on 98455 38277.



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