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He is only Passionate about Buses – SVM Chaser Biswajit Baurah

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It is five minutes past 12 at mid night somewhere on NH 4 you will find one small man with an activa parked on the side with a camera in his hand waiting to click some photos. To many this could be insanity, but this this little fellow from Guwahati, Assam who is here to pursue his engineering from Gogte institute of Technology devotedly travels all the way from the city to click photos of the buses.
Meet Biswajit Baurah, who is passionate about photography and buses and nothing else matters to him not even food & weather.
His small passion of clicking bus photos has now matured him into a bus advisor and also has given him enormous opportunities to meet the biggies of the Bus world.
His blog,  is followed by many top bus companies to look out for insights and feedback.

Biswajit Baurah at Bus World
Biswajit Baurah at Bus World

He always has a charming smile on his face which makes him lovable and is now a famed personality amongst the bus operators locally and also in cities like Mumbai, Mangalore, Guwahati etc. He recently met Gurpreet Singh Sehmi – MD and Owner Prakash Body Constructions, Nagaon Assam where he interacted with him on the latest developments in the bus category.

A click from Bagewadi Ghat

Speaking to AAB, Biswajit said a passion of bus photography now transformed me from photographer to technician and consultant, wider exposure to transport sector and interaction with design engineers, drivers, cleaners had given me vast knowledge in this field, recently one of Belagavi based transport sector entrepreneur got input on transport sector from.
His way of feedback to both companies and operators is simple and he says “what I had seen during my photography that was shared with him.”

He is a SVM bus chaser, Scania, Volvo and Mercdez and has traveled across operators on different routes just to get the knowledge of bus and the operators. Infact many bus drivers know him and call him when they are nearing Belagavi, so that he could click the photos.

Long wait at the Dhabas, the toll booths and the Bagewadi ghat is just part of daily routine. Now many locals even know him by his name and tell him to click photos from different places where they have seen the buses pass by.

While enjoying the passion bus photography he pained about working condition of bus drivers, they cooks in Bus luggage compartments, sleeps there, that is really to hard working condition, whenever he interacts with operators always points out these issues.

Biswajith has traveled to Goa, Ahmedabad, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Assam with different operators and buses just to get the feel and has also reviewed the journey.

He is now acquainted himself with many technical things by meeting the service engineer. At the same time he is now working on sending notes to operators on how the driver and cleaner need to be trained and how the bus can be maintained in a better way.

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