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It’s the new normal

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It’s been two months that I quit my job to turn full time entrepreneur (perfect timing, you said? ). From those who knew I’m always up to something, I’ve been frequently asked what am I doing of late.

Apart from doing some bit of my business, and feeling an overwhelming sense of numbness from all the pain and turmoil around, I’m observing quite a lot of things which I would have otherwise missed.

1. The squirrels love groundnuts more than roti crumbs.

2. Squirrels bite tiny pieces of food while the birds gulp down big pieces

3. Dozens of trucks come loaded with ready mix concrete and multiple trucks empty contents in a hopper that sucks it to the slab site in a few minutes. It’s so wonderful to watch it every few days

4. I rejoiced that there were four Gulabi Siris (Albizia saman / Rain tree) growing super fast in the service lane behind my house. I even started dreaming about the birds that would soon flock it. One morning the otherwise absent corporation staff had cleared the whole lane. Trees included. I mourned them also along with many known ones who’ve lost their lives

5. There are over 10 different varieties of Hibiscus growing in my lane alone

6. The sight and sounds of birds replaced car horns and many other sources of noise pollution

7. My neighbor yells whole day at her kids, but her six year old son manages to cry louder than her and then she keeps quiet.

8. I wait for Uday’s message telling the daily covid news on AAB in the evening and then look out if Arnab has come on TV at least today.

9. It’s been the first month in my adult life when I haven’t read a single book. But I’ve discovered that The Guardian and The New Yorker have some amazing articles. Rediscovered new age British humor through Guardian.

10. I speak to at least 10 close people for at least 25 minutes each day.

11. I don’t miss yummy food, magical movies at the theatre, shopping in the city lanes and jostling in the vegetable market anymore.
The New Normal can be challenging at times, so celebrate anything that puts a smile on your face, large or small.

Some people say it’s the new normal. I don’t find anything normal in all this.

3 thoughts on “It’s the new normal”

  1. Swatee ji- These comments were put out by you on May 31, I believe.. It was surely interesting to see read the new /changed beginning in your life style obviously due to the covid-19 pandemic howering over us(Humans). Since the situation continues to be the same likewise, you must have certainly got used to it by now.., It would appear the same with most of us staying wherever we are. So endure the difficulties around us and Say “Lets Move On..Come What May” !!!!!! Yet enjoy Life ,maintain the Covid Protocols and STAY SAFE…..Regards.. Jan Mohamed Shaikh. (Past resident of Belagavi(Old Belgaum) in the 1940’s &1950’s)

  2. Thank you for your comment. Although not used to, I’ve definitely adapted to the new normal. Do we have a choice, anyway. So moving on and staying safe as you said


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