A Man Who Didn’t Have Money to Feed His admitted wife Once, Feeds Hundreds at Government Hospitals Now

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Why Mohamad Rafiq Desai Feeds the hungry near the Maternity ward Civil Hospital ?

Mohamad Rafiq Desai (49) has personally witnessed what hunger can do to people. About 12 years ago his wife was admitted in Civil hospital for delivery and when she asked something to eat Desai had no money then to buy her food.

Today he serves 150 persons daily infront of the Labour ward. May it rain or sweat for the past 10 months Desai is there with his Pulav to serve to the needy.


His ideology is very simple, at times when he did not have the money to buy food for his wife he was struck with the thought that how do so many survie and what if they dont get food for want of money.

From that day he had only this thing behind his mind and when your deeds are good you are showered with success. His business grew and for the past 10 months he gets the Pulava made by his wife to feed the hunger of the needy who cant even afford a spare meal. He spends about Rs.2500 daily on the food.

Her wife also takes active part in his deed and prepares all the food while Desai is at work and hands him over the cooked food so that he can feed the hungry.

He has now started a NGO Sarva Dharna Sena and is trying to get shelter for the poor and needy.

This brave and kind man will soldier on without any help because he is dedicated to the cause of feeding the poor and needy.

Mohamad Rafiq Desai 09740960940-7829176324

18 thoughts on “A Man Who Didn’t Have Money to Feed His admitted wife Once, Feeds Hundreds at Government Hospitals Now”

  1. Well done we need great people like mohammad rafiq .
    thanks for a good report. these are really un song heroes of our country. govt should give them awards in appreciation for these good humanitarian work.

  2. Great job Rafiq bhai keep it up in India like you need more people to come forward and help poor people.
    Any way god bless you.

  3. Allah Apko Jaza-e-khair Ataa Farmaye…Najat Ka Zariya Banaye Aur Hum Sab Ko Khidmat-e-Khalq Karne Ki Toufiq Ataa Farmaye….Aameen Summa Aameen

  4. Good Job, May Allah give you more success.
    Hope our Politicians understand the VALUE of Food, stop fighting among each other and help
    the society by uplifting such people (Irrespective of any Religion/Caste).

  5. Rafeeq bhai….. aap ka tahe-e-dil say shukriya….. u have great heart…. May allah give u more power to serve the needy…..slute u sir….


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