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Two suicides on Railway track in a span of 3 hours

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Monday was again one of those days which will haunt each citizen as two persons committed suicide on the railway track.

The first incident occurred near Third gate around 11.30 AM when Shivanand Gorgi resident of Peeranwadi (50) threw himself infront of the coming train and about a kilometer down the Congress road at around 1.30 a women Manasa Madwal (26) resident of Ankalgi also threw her self in front of the train on congress road.


It may be recalled that on May 28, 2017 Two suicides on Railway track within 6 hours where a girl allegedly jumped infront of the railway around 11 AM near Paratha Corner and then around 4 pm another mid aged man again came infront of the railway near First gate.

The railway tracks in the city have become a suicide point and what can be done to prevent such incidents is still not clear. The access to the tracks is very easy and hence prevention of such incidents will be herculean task.

18 thoughts on “Two suicides on Railway track in a span of 3 hours”

  1. I feel…once we decide to end our life, we shall definitely use alternate methods of ending ourself….so, no barricades can resolve this problem….

  2. Nothing can be done if the person is willing to die .
    Anyhow anywhere one or the other day he will quit.
    They cant face their problems so we are helpless?

  3. What do u mean by ” The Access is Too easy ”
    You should join the groups who are requesting to baricade the Tracks ,
    Rather you should ask the Railways to terminte the services to avoid such acts

    • The fact is that access is easy to the tracks and one cannot deny it. Barricading the tracks depends on the railways as it is their property and doubling of the track would commence in some time

  4. It is high time now…. If the railway officials dont fence the railway tracks on war footing it is going to be a shame on Indian Railways… Now it is time for citizens of Belagavi to get together and force the railway officials to do something and prevent such suicides or accidents.

    • Not possible, what if people try to commit suicide by overeating, then will you stop farming.

      What if people try to commit suicide by dousing petrol over themselves, then will you stop crude oil wells.

      Boss, the problem lies somewhere else. Root cause is different. Try to understand.

  5. All the trains coming from Khanapur enter Belgaum at 100 kmph till 1st gate and then reduce speed to enter railway station….

    These train can run at 30 kmph from Kle Engg Collage to Stn.

    it may be not possible for the Loco Pilot to save life, but can make a difference.

    The suicidal person may Have more seconds to think & fear death And can turn his mind….

    I pray to Railway Authorities to implement speed restrictions on this stretch…

    Can save a precious life…

    • Even if train is travelling at 1Km/hr, then also you can not stop it because mass multiplied by velocity creates momentum. Weight of locomotive WDG4 which pulls Channamma Express is 126Tons (126,000Kgs), what can a person 60Kgs stand in front of it ?

      Why people are committing suicide ? Expectation from self, family, job/business, greed to have more of everything. Want to be happy kick out facebook, whatsapp and anything in between.

  6. If someone wants to commit a suicide, whether access is easy to the tracks or not doesn’t matter, they can walk a km and commit suicide there. It’s the person’s mentality of dealing with their problems rather cowardice. At that moment, the suicider will feel right what he or she does and feels that’s the easiest way to deal with life’s problems.

  7. There is no point putting the barricades, that is not the solution. If govt decides to put barricades, you will see people finding other ways of commuting suicde. We need to understand the root problem or the reason behind so many people committing suicide. A research team needs to be set up to find out the reasons and then try to find a solution.

  8. A shame to those people who try to end up their life this way.. it’s not t railways fault nor can we blame any authorities. I feel the only way to stop suicides at least on the tracks is to fence and put up barricades that too those ones which we usually put up on our house boundaries.. May be it will be difficult to go on the tracks except from the gates..


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