Rail budget and Belgaum ki aam Janta


by Satish Kumar Sr. Engineer MINDSCAPE (IMG) (Dubai)

A bigger miscalculation and miss out from our public representatives need to be show casted.

In 1982 the former CM (Late) Shri Ram Krishan Hegde (from Sirsi) envisaged the growth for Northern Karnataka, drew attention of Rail road projects, Well K-Ride did not exist though, but there something terribly something gone wrong with infrastructure policy in North Karnataka particularly Belgaum.

Shri. Hegde had evinced and proposed the survey and execution of Belgaum Bagalkote Raichur line and Belguam- Dharwad line in his tenure, there was no state central partnership then so these proposals kept eating dust.

In the recent years we have been hearing Bagalkote- Kudchi line, I am shocked to see the viability of this project, reason being it was actually Belgaum Bagalkote proposed line, Major Cement distribution companies are based in Belgaum for covering North Karnataka region, the belt has spread across from Belgaum Yadwad, Lokapur, Bagalkote and the second belt is of Sedam, Shahbad Gulbarga region so since when the Belgaum Bagalkote Raichur line, took a shift to Kudchi Bagalkote Line God only knows, I pity the foresight of these elected representatives for such non viable projected mess up

I had earlier worked chalked a project for Belgaum Bagalkote line through Sambra as junction plus integrated freight corridor ( the station actually falls off Muchhandi /Ashte village on Belgaum- Gokak road ) and further towards Nesargi , Yargatti Lokapur and Bagalkote, further from there to Bagalkote Hungund till Raichur.

I have observed many times the freight loading earlier done at Belgaum is now carried from Desur mainly Cement and Fertilizer form Zuari Agro/Vasvdatta companies, the latest addition to this will be Dalmia Cement plant commissioning near Belgaum .

Why our district representative don’t look forward for such viable and profitable projects, which would give a credible development to be around Belgaum.

Some of major advantages of Belgaum Baglakot Raichur line

1) Connecting of Border districts of Belgaum to main land of North West Karnataka.

2) New access to Raichur, Gulbarga and Hyderabad regions can be another corridor for development, by road Belgaum already serves as gateway to Goa now.

3) Tourism coverage of Sogal, Naveel teerth, Badami, Trogal forts and many more falling under this region.

4) East port linkage for coal supply form Goa port to RTPS (Raichur Thermal Power station).

5) Inland intra port connectivity of Visakhapatnam to Goa ( Naval facilitation for new base at Belgaum)

The second story of Belgaum Dharwad line via Kittur

It was surveyed and open for commissioning since last three government in the state, the key reason being if these line get implemented there will be major shift in all north bound trains from Bangalore terminating at Belgaum, to which the politicians of Hubli are opposed the fact to support this is, twin city Dharwad has to fight for rail extension of many trains terminating at Hubli. What is the use of having SWR head quarter at Hubli though serves no purpose of development of Northern Karnataka.

KRIDE ( a joint venture of State/Central Govt (projects are done cost sharing basis) Karnataka Rail Infrastructure development Establishment) evinced interest in this proposal but MR Bommai Jr. again twisted the seen on Belgaum Dharwad line via Bailhongal , a delay of another decade may be now.

The blind MP and MLAS are driving we Belgaumites vision less and just hardly have vision for City.

Bidar being last bordering district of state getting connected to main land Karnataka through Gulbarga Bidar rail line, Why not Belgaum get similar treatment.

Small cities with quarter population as that of Belgaum have trains connecting to state capital, why are we deprived of same. The new project of Belgaum station renovation will only upgrade building and some recreation facilities, what about coach filling, powering and cleaning facilities? What about shunting lines for Rake facility?

The value of Belgaum being Divisional head Quarter is too low and having N Karnataka Regional commissioner office being based here is still having dearth of these entire basic rail infrastructure requirement. (Something like Chiraag tale Andhera)

The above facts are on the basis of news and articles and my own investigations and findings. This is to make aware and spread the right vision of Belgaumites to look forward for better future , and put across views to right authorities for better future planning of Belgaum.


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  1. we all think of railways only a few days before the rail budget.. ideas and opinions need to be transformed into effective actions. blogging is easy getting on toes to get this work done needs a more effective & collaborated effort.

    • AT the max being abroad can do blogging mail CM and Public representatives , Well I would wish you have enough zeal and leadership to transfrom this opinion as an effective action , let me know ehat more collabborated effort I can put through

    • Yes tats true what you said.But most of the time citizens like you and me will be busy with personal or other political works forgetting the important social and public related works.
      Lets hope all of us work together.What do you say?

    • I thought we have elected representatives to take care of such issues. Obviously somebody is not doing their jobs.

  2. the belgavi- dharwad new track via kittur will definitely carve a new structure for the development of belgavi city.

  3. the belgaum bagalkot raichur line does make economic sense;will give a fillip for economic development of north karnataka;
    also hope for belgaum pandharpur train as soon as miraj pandharpur gauge conversion is over;will help pilgrims going to this temple town.

      • yeah the line runs all the way via nanded to nagpur and opens chattisgarh and east india further;also once akola khandwa indore is converted it opens alternate route to noth india;immense potential for goods and freight movement;will help belgaum and bijapur districts along with south maharashtra;


      • the bidar gulbarga line is under active consideration;same can be extended further to bagalkot and then to bgm;this will run through the heart of north karnataka and will be boon to cement industry,agriculture as well as passengers;it will connect hyderabad and goa via bgm;
        in fact a four lane road highway on this route will also do wonders for this region;

  4. Hi Satish Kumar
    Your collection is simply great, It motivates me/Any Belgaumite(who thinks +ve for Belagaavi) to do something to improove the city ,to urge Govt to Facilitate us properly,
    But I feel you are simply burning up your blood to collect all this data, your hard work or struggle to do something is going waste, because,
    there are still some people in Belagaavi who wanna pull down the development, Their mentality or thinking ability is such that even some one writes for some auto fare related comments to help out common man of Belagaavi (in the following link – read comment 3,4,5&6)
    "http://allaboutbelgaum.com/lifestyle/travel/who-will-bell-the-auto-drivers/" ,

    But I do my Best to See Belagaavi Better,

    • Dear mahant

      Dont loose heart, the boling blood gave me idea to share words with anger, and my anger was for cause , and it had spread to many ,this anger should become revlution, and more hearts and mind need to join for fighting such casue whcih would boost up Belgaum’s devleopment.

      Thinking ability is an intellectual virtue, we all have in us , just need to bring it out, “We are the best answers for ourselves”

  5. people of belgaum have 2 step up and fight or they will be sidelined;
    competition betwen hubli and belgaum should be healthy;one should not be ignored for other;
    bus operators have more common and economic sense-south bound towards b’lore,mysore,m’lore start from bgm;towards pune,mumbai start from hubli-idea is to cover allthree cities-belgaum,hubli ,dharwad;let all benefit-also ensures better occupancy;
    but railways are still in british times-junctions and divisions r given more importance than populated cities;as it is decisions are taken at delhi and worse our rail ministers behave like they r ministers of their home state!!
    the boundary issue has only added to development woes;
    lets hope belgaum gets its due;to start with they can extend intercity and mysore exp to bgm;of course they will have to improve facilities at bgm station for that;
    hoping for some good news on 24th feb

  6. This article higlights the negligence of railway infrastructure in Belgaum. We need to give this a wider publicity such that the elected representatives wake up to the ground realities.


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