Saleem Landurs Prosoft e-Solutions helps cops track criminals

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sameer_landurIn the Jamagi (goldsmith) murder case in Bagalkot, the Police were completely clueless about the culprit. Saleem Landurs Prosoft e-Solutions C5CDR Analysis Software came as the saviour. The same software also helped the police crack the Hubli High Court Bomb Blast and many other such cases. The CDR analysis tool developed by the company analyzes and integrates call data for mobile phones which also includes tower location data, and also provides investigators and law enforcement agencies with simple representations of patterns of communication including geographical location of a caller, their movement or even alerts when two suspects communicate. This can also be intergraeted to the social media.

Meet Saleem Landur from Belgaum. Who runs his smallIT company Prosoft e-Solutions from Belgaum. This company started in 2000 may be small but the work it has done under the Agies of Saleem is helping NIA, CBI, police units in Karnataka, Gujarat, Bihar, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and even police in Nigeria and Algeria track digital footprints of criminals.

And did we tell you he is College drop out. He did his schooling from Islamiya high school and then joined Govt. Polytechnic but left it mid way even when he was in the merit list as he got admission to Automobies when is love was for Electronics and communications. He also drove an autorikshaw at night so that he could support his computer class fees. Saleem dreamt big and has achieved his dream of becoming an Entreprenuer.

Speaking to AAB, he shared his life experiences with us:

Tell us more about yourself?

Saleem ———-> I dropped out from college and took up a Computer course but to pay Rs.23000 as fee was above my means then and then I decided to drive and AutoRikshaw in the night so that it can help me pay the fees. Mr.Iqbal Soudagar was a messaih who helped me accomplish my dream and helped me in all the way to achive my dream. I joined a local company in Belgaum as a programmer and then later joined a computer training Institue. In 1997 I started my own institute with the idea to help the poor and needy with lower fees.

How did you make the CDR analysis software?

Saleem ———-> C5 CDR Analyzer 4.0 is designed to handle Big Data. It quickly processes terabytes of data, billions of records on a low end server within seconds. Enables Investigating officers get the desired result set in small amount of time. Collects data from various types of file formats and MS SQL Server database as well. Is designed to analyze the big data geographically. It enables Investigating officers to work on live maps like google maps. Its also integrated with Google Earth tool. Animation of movements on google map sequentially to give a fair idea of target numbers’ movement patterns. Investigating officers can create fencing on the maps to get the alerts when any information links with the given fence. It identifies all the calls originating from a particular fence.
B. Dayananda IPS, is the main brain behind this software. It was his idea and inputs that the software is at this stage.

Being in Belgaum is a plus point or a negative?

Saleem ———-> Being from Belgaum there was no other choice but to start from Belgaum as the head quarter. But Belgaum has its own positives and negatives. Human resources is in abundance but getting the exact person is a hard job and then experienced people dont want to come and work in Belgaum. We do plan to have a development centre in Bangalore soon.

Tell us more about your growth?

Saleem ———-> When I started the company in 2000, it was a single PC that too was taken on rent of Rs.1500 per month as I did not have the money to buy the computer. Our breakthrough Healthsoft which we designed and deployed a software for the health department. It was very well accepted and implemented.
In 2010 we got ourselves registered as Prosoft e-Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Having its head office in Kaktives, Belgaum and one branch in Madhya Paradesh to cater to North India.

Currently we have a team of 25 members and along with the C5 CDR analyzer we have also developed & deployed many softwares & solutions like ERP, Fleet Management System, Payroll etc.

How has your CDR tool helped the Police and other agencies?

Saleem ———-> Our CDR analysis tool is designed to be very simple and that’s the reason, not only tech savy people can use it at ease but even the non techies feel it easy. The role of CDR analysis is now gaining more important and most useful tool for investigating officers.

Was it easy to begin with and putting forth this idea?

Saleem ———-> Convincing the Coustmer is the biggest deal. We can make many softwares but if the people cant use it is of no use. Like anyother company we too had to give demos and convince the use of CDR5 tool and show them results, it was only then that the law enforcement agencies were convinced.

So what next?

Saleem ———-> We will keep our focus on how the CDR anaylsis tool can be upgraded and its use in mobile Forencsic science. Along with it we also aim to make softwares for small business which would be feasible for them and easy to use. We also plan to build some innovative cyber security tools as it is a growing sector.






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  2. Another feather in Belgaum’s pride.Saleem bhai is very hardworking,innovotive & most important good human being.Calm person with human touch.First person to bring Internet in Belgaum & North Karnataka.

  3. Well done sir, the job you have done is aapreciable for us. You are making a Belgaum proud in IT sector. Keep it up. May ALLAH bless you for future life…….


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