Spare a day with the orphans now on Sunday 6 February

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Date: Sunday February 6, 2011 Venue: Fort Lake compound.  Time: 3.30pm

Your presence will be the biggest contribution

This event will be held on Sunday 6th February, as Chief Minister will visit the city on 5th and due to security reasons the said event will be held on February 6, 2011.sod

AAB appeals to the youth of Belgaum to come in large numbers and spend time with these orphans.

This life has become fast and very self centric. Not many share time with their own children owning to hectic work schedules.

But have you ever seen this world through the eyes of a child, and that too one who is an orphan.

Who when he came into this world had no one to take care of him/her. Some one was abandoned as she was a girl and someone else as he was an illegitimate one. May what it be, but the life of these orphans is always full of adversity and hatred.

The District administration along with Darshan udyog Samuha, Aadhar orphanage & have come together to spare a day for the orphans which will also include HIV+ children from the various NGO’s in the city.

This event aims at getting all these children together and let them celebrate a picnic like other children do.

Even you can make this event much more happier for these kids by contributing your time and if you wish to do a bit more could take up part of the expenses of the event.

A separate counter will be made at the venue which will give information of each of the NGO’s participating in the event, so that all are aware of the NGOs in the city.

On February 6, 2011 these 250+ orphan children from the city will enjoy their life to the fullest as they will play the various joy & amusement rides and also do a boat ride at the Fort lake. The event will be kicked off at 3.30 pm at Kote kere lake.

In the evening a special entertainment program has been arranged for these kids at the Kote Kere which will open to all and specially to the college students, who are the future of the country.

These youngsters should understand their social responsibility when they are young, so that when they stand on their own feet they know their social responsibility of paying back to the society.

The organizers intend to invite college students from various colleges and make them play with these kids for some time and make their life happier.

What we are looking at:

Student participation:We would like all the colleges in Belgaum to ask their students to come and participate in the event which will help them realize, that the world is not as easy as they think and they have been lucky but, each one of us in the society have their dues towards these children.

If you are interested in contributing something towards this event kindly call: Ashquin -9986244809 or Mahesh – 9164575327 or [email protected]

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