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The 2 Minute Story

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by Sameer Majli

Little events and little advents go a long way into making history interesting. Sometimes its people that write the script with their deeds and sometimes even products leave behind a distinct trail of footprints on the sands of time. As Belagavi aka Belgaum, erstwhile Venugram, I have periodically witnessed drastic transformations in the way my people live.maggi

I remember one such societal transformation that happened way back in the 1980s. It changed the way my people lived by quite literally changing the way they cook. Meals in our region are an affair of elaborate preparation. They often used to consume so much time and cause so much inconvenience that they occupied more than just the prime time in the lives of especially my women folk. This revolution that I am talking about was marked by and even flagged off by a strange new entrant over three decades ago. While the form was strange and the taste maybe even stranger to the local tongue, the sheer convenience that was on offer, made it worth the buck. All of a sudden, food was a very convenient affair. The magic of the 2 minute wonder had begun and it lasted almost until yesterday.

The human folk adapted quite wonderfully to the new taste and everyone had a culinary skill to boast of. Folks who once took contentment in making an omlette or even a hot cup of tea, began boasting that they had noodle cooking skills. What a transition!!! Soon the taste was acquired and the product became an integral part of life. The joys of the convenience were thoroughly exploited not just in homes but even small eateries that sprung up to ease human life in towns, at beaches and even on hilltops in distant places.

Consequently, the manufacturer made millions if not billions and became a household name. The force of the transformation was so strong and the need for the shortcut so great that the dietary implications were often ignored and sacrificed. The innovative folk made improved versions with vegetables, egg and even meat and the trend became a way of life. The kids often developed almost an addiction to the stuff and the cooks obliged.

I have just heard that some anomalies have been discovered in the composition of the product and the whole nation is in a state of apparent and evident shock. While I dont deny the possibility of a distinct misunderstanding between the manufacturer and the law enforcement agencies, as if often the case, one thing us for sure; the two minute proposition has had a severe compromise of its charm and appeal. Is it just a case of certain hands not been greased or is it actually a case of irresponsible and convenient ignorance on part of the maker?I would rather not comment. But the pot is on a boil, it has been stirred and the singe been felt. The honeymoon with the two minute affair will never be the same again.

The screaming anchors on television, vivid images of the product being burnt and bold headlines speak of it as if it were a national emergency. One liners and jokes on the social media have added fuel to the inferno. I often wonder if its just a case of convenient awakening or whether there is some truth to the story. I am as much a spectator to the spectacle as most of the human populace is and what’s the truth, may soon or never be revealed.

Is it the case of the victimization of a product or a company or the manipulation of the country of its origin, for alterior motives, several perspectives are in circulation. Maybe its just a wake up call and I wish it is so. Will it extend to other products of human consumption is a million dollar question.

As two minute honeymoon that lasted over three decades gears up to face the eventualities, cooking a meal will never be the same again.

About the Author: Sameer Majli is Chief Mentor at Stratmen -Strategic Mentoring Solutions, an initiative engaged in facilitating near perfect education and learning.

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