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The unwanted Child

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I am a sign development in many cities, but to the city of Belagavi “Am I a curse”, No one wants to utilize me and even after being made after cutting through hard rocks from mother earth, now I lie unutilized for no fault of mine.

My story is also very fascinating, it took my parents G.Mastaniah and Co. 9 months to complete me and building me was not so easy as thought earlier, when hard lime stone was struck and it was cut through mother earth.

Infact I was also supposed to have a brother at Fish Market but due to some reason, only I survived and was born in November 2013 and also made open to the public at large.

The first one week for me was so exciting, each one was trying to walk though to the other side and get a feel of me. I too was very excited seeing so many people, but my happiness was short lived.

Suddenly I was feeling like a neglected child, no one even bothered to look at me or even clean me. But I stood firm, water filled when it rained but I stood still hoping some day I will be cared for, but call it my bad luck or mis fortune no one used me.

I was a grave over a bustling highway over which thousands of citizens and advocates who had in-fact promulgated about me, but now my state of affairs are worst, beggars, drunkards, even drug abuse is done and no one even bothers to look at me.

The highest officers of the district passed by me each day, but no one had the time or the courtesy to even have a look at me. It was a bizarre situation, each day when the sun rose high over the buildings nearby I thought the learned counsels will walk through me to the other side for which I was actually created, as they had demanded it.

But I am really not sure why they don’t use me, may be I was not the one they expected but as children cant select their parents and vice versa, I am lying like a grave where no one comes even to pay homage, Was I the “Unwanted child”.

Recently I heard that a honorable judge had asked the PWD and the district administration why I was unutilized and then the PWD acted by putting up barricade over me.
Once the barricade were put I was woken up up to huge shock of a huge auto over me, then bikes and continuously they rode over me as if they wanted to kill me and get rid of me.
But that too heeded no result as the learned advocates protested and removed the barricades.

Again all the citizens, walk over me but do not use me, I am a neglected child who no one wants to use me. I feel gloomy and not sure if one day I will be demolished;

I am the unutilized Pedestrian under pass on SH20 near the Court, Was I the “Unwanted child”.

5 thoughts on “The unwanted Child”

  1. Advocates must not take law in their hands..

    If at all they think they are above it let them limit their lawlessness inside court compound,

    They have no right to disturb the infrastructure of the city…

    Action should be taken on those advs involved and the JCB should be ceased..

    Zeebra Strips should be removed and any one crossing the road if meets with accident shouldn’t be considered victim but should be called traffic violater..

  2. This is one just example for uncivilized people. There are so many examples in our country which are underutilized for many years. In fact advocates demanded this under pass when it was fulfilled no one ready to use especially these stupid advocates. If they already decided that use the road for daily routine work then what is the purpose of construction? So sad.. how these people wasting tax payers money. Shame on them.

  3. Yes, its a shame on the part of those people who demanded it and when sanctioned it they don’t want to use it… and these are so called professionals.. highest lawmakers of the society …. the society learns from these professionals they should actually teach people how to behave …… but on the contrary they are teaching people how to misuse government and its funds…. I also agree with the suggesation of mr. sayyednazimuddin that make some shops under it so atleast people using that shops keeps the underpass clean and slowly people start using it and many in near future will definitely use it….


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