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Tiny tots take up cleaning of Gandhi Statue

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Its holiday time and most of the children at home are watching TV or playing games on the mobile, but Amarjeet Banahatti came across these three tiny tots at the Gandhi Statue installed on Club Road near Golf Course, Argan Talav cleaning the area all by themselves.

Prashwa Patil who studies in VII in KV2, Preeti Patil, Std V and Shivanand STD VI study in Shermans school and they had come to the circle all by themselves to clean the area from Sadashiv Nagar.


The tiny tots took the initiative under the mission by cleaning their nearby surroundings with full enthusiasm. At times when children dont want to leave their cosy home and mobile, these kids were easily handling sickle and cleaning the whole area of the statue.

They seemed to love what they do there and were cleaning the area of the statue. The tiny tots took the Swach Bharat mission very seriously and after we have seen them, be sure our future is in bright hands.

3 thoughts on “Tiny tots take up cleaning of Gandhi Statue”

  1. This endeavor of theirs commended n should b brought to the notices of the admistration n also to the PM….and they should b encouraged by any means …either public appreciation or cash

  2. Hats Off to these three students!???Their Parents deserve more appreciation for inculcating such Good Habits in their children!
    They are our Future Leaders!


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