Trash-a-Nator a novel way of disposing dry waste

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trashNatorBELGAUM: Every single day we see waste is scattered all over and no one cares to do anything about it. And if some do, they burn the waste randomly, which leads to polluting the environment.

Meet Mr. Anirudh Ravi, a 3rd semester Mechanical Engineering student of Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, who has come up with an efficient and economical way to solve the problem of disposing the dry waste in a proper manner.

Trash-a-Nator”, is an apparatus which can be used for the proper disposal of domestic dry waste such as papers, dry plastic, card boards, etc.

Anirudh’s father Mr. R Ravi owns a Machine Tools industry in Bengaluru. A lot of dry waste is generated in the industry every day and there was no scientific manner in which the same was disposed. His partner Mr. Fenwick Thomas thought of providing a permanent solution to it and thought of building a burner which could easily burn the dry waste and also cause less pollution. He shared his thought with Anirudh and it stuck Anirudh’s mind. He agreed to get himself involved in this.

And this is how ‘Trash-a-nator’ came into existence and it’s been recognized by Leaders Accelerating Development (LEAD) Program of Deshpande Foundation.

The Trash-a-nator is a simple steel oil barrel with a capacity of about 200 litres, which is coated inside with a heat resistant paint which can with stand temperatures of about 500 to 600⁰c. A single phase 300 watt blower is fitted outside the barrel, which fetches in the air. The work of blower is to blow in the air to the barrel and assist in the burning process. Blower is the only component of device for which an external power source is to be provided. In the beginning, the waste has to be set on fire by using a matchstick. Once the burning process starts, the lid is closed and then the blower is turned on. The blower sucks in the air and sends it inside the barrel. The oxygen present in the air flows in and keeps rotating around the walls of the barrel thus helping in the continuation of the burning process. The advantage of using a blower is that it blows in more air and more amount of oxygen is sent in. The oxygen mixes up with the carbon monoxide produced during the burning process thus converting it into carbon dioxide. As carbon monoxide is a green house gas, which being invisible, causes a lot of pollution thus causing damage to the environment. But carbon dioxide is less dangerous compared to Carbon Monoxide. It takes around 2 hours for the waste to be burnt into a 10% ash. There is a mesh situated on top of the barrel, which holds the heavier particles like the soot and others in the barrel and does not allow them to fly into the air. The lighter particles get completely burnt and fly into the air.

The left out ash consists of heavy particles. This ash can be again mixed with the manure and can be reused for plants.

Anirudh’s major role was in the designing process in bringing the trash-a-nator into light. It took a year for the trash-a-nator to take birth, i.e. designing, building, testing and implementation. After the tests, the results were positive. That is, when the test results were submitted to the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, the emission tests were under the limits set by the board.

The trash-a-nator is being used in Anirudh’s father in his industry from past six months.

These days, one of the major problems and concerns for the industries is the proper disposal of the dry waste generated during the manufacturing or production process. For industries which generate large amounts of dry waste, trash-a-nator is the efficient and economic solution. For one apparatus of trash-a-nator, it costs around Rs. 8,000/-.

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  1. I think recycling of paper ,cardboards will be the best option instead of processing in the manner explained in the Blog. Recycling of paper prevents destruction of forests ie deforestation. recycling is always a better option.

    • I agree with Mr. Shivanand. On the one hand recycling will reduce the omission of carbon dioxide as is said in the article, and on the other will save precious forests. It would have been a better invention if a recycling machine was invented instead which would have converted the waste for an alternate application. Or a composting machine for those wastes which cannot be recycled. Appreciate his efforts, but well short of achieving optimum usage.

  2. Good work bro. I hope you will do good marketing to reach every state then in-sha-allah every country. May allah give you more success in future. Take care

  3. This is a great motivation to all the students out there. I also consent with Shivanand that recycling is a better option. However, taking a positive step with this kind of innovative thinking is what India in general, and belagavi in particular , needs. I highly appreciate Mr. Anirudh Ravi and his partner Mr. Fenwick Thomas for this step….

  4. Yes I agree recycling is the only solution. We can do that henceforth but the waste which has already been accumulated from the past many years can be disposed by using this. And with all due respect hw many people . recycle waste ? Government asks everyone to segregate , which we do thinking that we are eco friendly but after which they just dump . But yes I agree recycling is the way in the future.

  5. sai ram

    dear sir we need the trash a nator immediately
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    this is for the sri sathya sai educational institutions

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