All you wanted to know about the person behind AAB … but never dared to ask

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All you wanted to know about the person behind AAB … but never dared to ask (well, almost real. Almost?)

We’ve known him for 15 long years now and God alone knows how he’s done it for so long. Most of us see him solemnly at work and wonder when this guy does all this stuff, day after day after day. Often wondered why he wears boring clothes when he turns all wit and humor once he starts speaking, which is quite rare since we only get to see his printed words. Now that he’s gone live with his interviews where he’s pretending to sound and feel nothing like Arnab, it’s high time to know what’s up at AAB. Finally.

Q: So is AAB a blog or a website, for we need to get facts straight? It’s getting pretty big to be a blog and then blogs are supposed to be written by someone, which you obviously don’t do all yourself,…..

UK: Cut the question, will you? Think what you must. All I did was shared what I felt. If you feel it’s a blog, so be it. If you think it’s a website, go ahead and check all the ads that dot it.

Caricature by Mandar Jagtap
Caricature by Mandar Jagtap

Q: Doesn’t answer my question

UK: I’m not here to answer your questions, I only have quotation marks and exclamations. There are many important things in my life. I’m still wondering whether the new bridge will manage to be perfectly crooked like the older one and pondering if some pebbles can serve as awards to the biggest pothole contest that I just declared and ended up splashing muck all over the place.

Q: Do you make money from AAB?

UK: I make enemies. And some friends too. Look at me. Do you think I would be living such a simple life after making tons of money? I make news. Well, news makes its own news.

Q: Do you write because you love the city or hate it? Not sure, at times.

UK: I live in the city. Isn’t that reason enough.

Q: Why do people around the world follow AAB every day?

UK: Not sure why. Maybe the city still lives in them as well, more than the people who live in the city. People follow AAB and its news because their city breathes. It does not allow you to rest in peace until it rumbles, sends shivers down your spine, brings ecstasy and make you feel alive. Every fish needs some water to survive. Some fishes need to have their own waters around to survive. Or maybe they want to kick me every day and make sure I stay alive to kick the shit out of them

Q: AAB is addictive

UK: Isn’t it supposed to be your problem? Don’t ask me stupid questions for which you should be pulling your hair out.

Q: Have you ever given a thought to be nice to people? You seem to rub many the wrong way.

UK: I don’t run an airline to be nice to people. People often hate the mirror and end up blaming it. (UK is heard thinking: Am I not nice enough? No one told me I’m not. But I’ve got so many friends 🙁 )

Q: What’s next?

UK: If you mean in real life, well, I’m waiting for lunchtime. If you mean at AAB, then be specific.

Q: Would you want to take AAB to a bigger level? Maybe a TV channel, or a news portal…

UK: Sometimes, the journey is more interesting than the destination.

Q: You’re boring

UK: For interesting stuff, log on to AAB. If you want something more interesting, watch some cartoons. Now if you’re done with your awful questions that only a dumb- head would ask, let me do my work.

( Disclaimer: All characters in this conversation are fictitious. If you find any resemblance to any person living or dead, running some bloggish-news site -portal or in education, it could well be just a coincidence. )

P.S. Don’t read too much between the lines. The spacing is meant for ease of reading

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  1. Hilarious and to the point. I got to read this today and i like the humour. Very much like the dry sense of humour some people in the UK have.. LOL
    Keep kicking UK


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