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What happens when it rains

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by Dr. Madhav Prabhu
Rain!, It’s not a rhetorical question, maybe it is a romantic one, actually, I was wondering what really does happen when it rains. As a doctor maybe I would be the most unromantic because if you ask me when it rains it brings along a lot of patients, dengue, chikungunya, gastro and so many more. But leave this part alone and I am not very keen on hurting sentiments.

So what does rain really bring, let’s explore Bollywood, rains are supposed to bring romance, getting wet, dancing in the rains, smiling and laughing at someone splashing water at you, holding hands, a really splendid romance that’s what Bollywood produces? This would seem so magical but if I ask my wife (even when she was my girlfriend) to do that with me, she has a different raag malhar altogether, a bucket list of reasons, don’t want to get sick, the rain is too heavy, the mud is difficult to remove off the clothes, it’s not hygienic, it’s crazy, people stare and last but not the least grow up. I sometimes wonder if Bollywood heroines have an extra budget for washing clothes and a super immunity, anyway I miss Shridevi so much.


The rains actually may be romantic like in movies especially to the middle class, there are so many romantic scenes where our hard-working couples can feel so loved, there is a roof leaking, there are utensils for collecting water so the floor is not wet, it’s like mopping the pitch when the entire stadium is wet, plus there is this additional problem with clothes never drying, hence the scarcity of material to cover yourself and face the next day, rather the next gloomy exhilarating morning. Then there are the much more romantic HESCOM guys, they just take off the lights to make the ambiance more inviting all the time, cold water for a bath, crushed clothes without ironing, no mixers to cook food, no water to wash, no work to do, this is the best mix for a romantic day, but somehow I don’t see why we can’t just hold hands and get wet and be happy with all this, I really miss Shridevi.

RainAnd then coming to the splashes, I don’t see anyone finding solace in that splash, I wonder why, there are so many moments where you can get splashed on, actually “moment bana sakte hai “, the rickshaw guys the trucks, the high on adrenaline bikes, the gentlemanly NWKRTC buses all of them make romantic overtures at you by splashing water at you and yet nobody takes them with love, where is the romance gone. Someday I wish I soak somebody with a splash and she would just smile back at me and say love you for that.


I always believed “daag acche hai “, and rains were the best season to get daag but I don’t know why neither my mom nor my wife shared this enthusiasm, we even had surf excel at our Home. This to me is really annoying, why can’t people just be happy with all the spots, it’s like an offseason holi. I see only the kids enjoy this, adults have somewhere down the lane lost their romance, sad, I really miss that tip tip barsa pani song, where is Ravina.

There is another set of people who have lost their mojo, our farmers, Bollywood always showed farmers waiting for the rains, the first drop of rain, and the farmer and his wife would start traditional dances with the drums playing background music, adorable Radhas, and Bhuvans. But today, the day the rains started farmers are off the field and on the road demanding loan waiver well at least some of them, is it not time to ask for seeds and fertilizers, somehow loans are a priority I suppose. But I don’t blame them as the governing leadership has done nothing to cheer them up for threats together. But that’s not my concern I am missing the dance of the farmers, where have they gone, why is rain not bringing happiness to them, why are they so melancholy, I miss Nargis and Mala Sinha.


The roads are converted to Olympic size swimming pools, the gutters are overwhelmed and working despite their overinflated tenders and commissions actually the gutters have fallen in love with the road and started flowing on them. The nights are full of bites(from mosquitoes), the days are rocking with potholes, how can people not get the romance, why have we become so. There is so much joy around and we run away to overcrowded Amboli to eat overpriced wada paws, what’s happening to us. I still miss Shridevi.

Actually, I believe the life cycle is much like a ride from Jamboti to Peeranwadi, if you want to see beautiful scenes again you need to reverse your gears, isn’t stopping the use of plastics, simple households, kitchen gardens or even walking short distances a little what we did previously, something we can do put our lives in reverse gears, isn’t it and yet if I could reverse the clock I would still see Shridevi and not miss her so much.

8 thoughts on “What happens when it rains”

  1. Wow!!! excellent piece of write up .. never expected doctors to be this romantic .. and missing Shridevi and all .. it was just wow!!! to read.. Now this changed my outlook towards the pour outside the office windowsill

  2. Indeed a nice article doctor!! Rain splash from pot holes is good DAAG ACHCHE HAI magar kya kare kapde sirf ek Jodi hai, SURF EXCEL baar baar kharid ne ke paise nahi hai,
    Farmer’s RAIN DANCE too is good but sowing crop and earning bread out of it is priority.
    Hence all the romance & fun is gone down the overflowing drains

  3. Goodone dear….

    People plan for RAIN DANCE PARTY
    ( Artificial)….

    but when it rains naturally…they build reasons

  4. We have simply forgotten to enjoy all these things.
    Good that a Doc reminded us.
    Something nice to hear apart from Mask and Sanitizer…


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