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What is blocking Information Technology growth in Belagavi?

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Information technology has resulted in the development of one of the world’s largest industries. Today, cutting-edge technologies such as computers, software and artificial intelligence, fiber optics, networks, and standards have an immense impact on information technologies.

Bengaluru has grown leaps and bounds but other cities have never been able to catch up like Belagavi which a supplier of employment but never create employment here in the city itself.

We tried to speak to Local Belagavi based IT and IteS entrepreneurs about what needs to be done so that IT can grow in Belagavi?

RK Patil, CEO & Co-Founder Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd

1. Showcase the existing firms are pioneers in bringing IT to the City. Make sure they are included as part of all branding efforts of City Corporation, All Govt institutes, and offices. 

2.  Makes sure the initiatives like Smart City, KSFIC or KIDBA  have inputs from these firms and preferably some nominees from these firms as their advisors or consultants

3. Provide a central location (within city premises) at affordable prices(rentals) as a working place for these companies. You could look at bringing concepts like WeWork or CoWork.  

4. The IT park is conceived on the models of Industrial sheds. This does not work for the knowledge industry!  Politicians and Govt. officials should understand this.  Manufacturing or heavy industry and IT industry differ a lot.

5.  Try influencing major Indian brands (like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, HCL etc) to make Belagavi as their destination for expansion or growth. There are a lot of North Karnataka engineers in IT who migrate to Bangalore every year. Collect that data and present to the firms as to how they can help in preventing a mass urban exodus. Govt might have to shower some incentives (other than Landbank) for these firms.

An eco-system is very important for smaller firms to survive and to be nurtured to grow the industry.

Vayavya Labs is an Embedded Software Tools and Services Company. The Company is HQ in Belagavi since 2006 with a branch office in Bangalore and Santa Clara (USA). It holds 11 US patents in the EDA/ESL Technology domain and works with some of the leading customers in the domain of Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation, Consumer Electronics, and Communication.


Abhishek Latthe, CEO, SenseGiz

Basic infrastructure needed for businesses needs to improve in Belagavi- there are frequent power outages throughout the year. The land close to the city is needed and not something far away from the city to make projects viable. Some incentives can also be given to companies for initial investments in Belagavi, something similar is done by other states like Gujarat, etc.

Belagavi already produces many highly talented engineers every year locally, so the People-to-power technology companies are surely available. May experienced engineers who are originally from Belagavi are also interested in coming back if they get good career opportunities in Belagavi.

SenseGiz makes enterprise and industrial IoT products for sensor-based condition monitoring, security and real-time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics and apps.

Rohit Sejekan, Managing Partner Bitjini and Technical Director Playmantis Studio Pvt. Ltd. 

An IT complex within city limits exclusively for software companies. Which could be further classified into a completely furnished office or semi-furnished offices on rental or lease basis. With common or private conference rooms.Proper connectivity by bus at short and regular intervals if the complex is provided outside city limits.
To boost up the growth, IT companies in Belagavi should be given first preference for any Local District Government IT Projects should.
Attractions and Entertainment like Malls and Multiplex can draw the attention of freshers or young passing out talents to stay at Belagavi rather than going to Metros.
Subsidized Cab services should be a bonus, as I feel this can help the employees, from my experience over the years.

Shirish Chincholimath, Chairman and Director Playmantis Studio Pvt. Ltd. 

In my small time experience I could realize the following things:
1. Accommodation for employees is difficult compared to Metros. Getting a PG or house for rent is challenging according to the employees or students to are trying to migrate to Belagavi. If we improve this many people would love to relocate.
2. There are fewer Job providers than seekers. We should give scope to entrepreneurial development in the city.
3. Provision for more incubation centers and co-working space will help build small scale company at an early age.
4. Attractions and Entertainment like Malls and Multiplex can draw the attention of freshers or young passing out talents to stay at Belagavi rather than going to Metros.

Hitesh Dharmdasani, Director Of Technology at AnexGATE, Founding Owner at Informant Networks

Information Technology as an industry can only grow in Belagavi if it is an amalgamation of policy and people. While Belagavi is right now having the right ingredients for an IT industrial complex, we need a policy directive that will make large companies set up their base here. Incentivizing companies to set-up a base here will definitely give a huge impetus to the IT scenario here. A lot of people who are originally from Belagavi, want to come back to their homeland and work. In order to make that happen, building a strong base is a key imperative for its success. There is also a huge influx of Engineering graduate to feeding this strong base once it gets going. Having said this, I feel the growth trajectory of IT in Belagavi is not just positive but also strong.

AnexGATE is a technology company, specializing in cybersecurity and secure connectivity products and services.

Tushar Patil, MD Btp infoserve pvt Ltd

Schools and colleges must conduct awareness programs where students can be taught about the latest technologies. Also, students must be given hands-on training in IT companies so that the are exposed to practical experience.

Omkar A. Dalvi, Co-CEO / Director Vijomidigital Technology Pvt Ltd

Need Operational IT park, not just for namesake: In Belagavi we can find 40-50 Small and Medium-Sized IT firms but all are scattered location-wise, they should be brought in one umbrella with good infrastructure. As an IT company, we face a lot of problem of power cuts at our area.

Belagavi as a Brand for IT Industry: Our MLA’s, MP’s and leaders should promote Belagavi at their own levels, and need to attract investments from IT giants of India and Other countries. Which will directly generate employment for thousands of peoples in and around Belagavi? And it will also help for budding IT entrepreneurs.

Dr. Ameet Patil, Founder, CEO Ecobillz Private Limited
For IT Industry to grow, there are three key factors required:
1. Plenty of good recognized companies/places to work in.
2. Connectivity: Flights, Internet speed, uninterrupted Power supply
3. A talent pool that stays back after passing out of their degree courses
4. Attractions and things to do in the City with respect to the young crowd such as good night life, pubs, malls
5. Up-skilling avenues such as good training institutes that provide job placements
We are having a multitude of Engineering colleges in the city, but the talent moves to larger cities as soon as they pass out from their course. The reason being, larger cities provide ample opportunities. If one does not work out, there is another one round the corner.

Having said that, Belagavi does have some great companies that provide a great career path to youngsters. However, lack of awareness or guidance makes them nearly invisible.
My thoughts on how to help grow IT in Belagavi:
1. Govt. or Local politician should recognize Belagavi Startups, bring them in the public view and provide incentives to outside companies to come and set up shop here.
2. Local institutes should partner with local companies and create a special recruitment drive giving local talent preference to join companies locally
3. Setup a few high-quality training centers to up-skill talent and have them tie-up with local companies for placements.
4. Proper city planning with respect to growth is required so that we can avoid problems being faced in Bangalore right now
5. And the rest will follow …

Our vision at Ecobillz is to eliminate the use of paper everywhere. Ecobillz is a digitization platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to digitize almost any kind of document/receipt and provide in-depth customizable Analytics saving our customer huge cost, time and labour. Ecobillz is one of top 250 Startup’s in Karnataka (Elevate 2017) and part of the prestigious NASSCOM 10,000 Startup initiative. Ecobillz – incubated in Gogte Institute of Technology, Udyambag – which recently raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-Series A round of funding from 92Angels LLC and Ghosal Ventures LLC, is being used in 1000’s of Retail and Hospitality businesses across India.

11 thoughts on “What is blocking Information Technology growth in Belagavi?”

  1. For God sake leave Belgaum alone, before making it IT hub provide basic aminities for all. People should know how was Blore before IT and see how it is after IT..I am in Blore for over 16yrs from Belgaum…belgaumities plz don’t fall for this bull shit of doubt it provides a job but at what cost is the thing you need decide…plz don’t start any IT at Belgaum

  2. The IT park is far out at Desur. Atleast make direct road to Airport(ring road }. Develop the KV at Mache. Have living accomodation near the IT park. Get water from Kinte Dam to IT Park. get some colonies organised within 3 kms from IT Park. A COLONY OF FARM HOUSES SHOULD ATTRACT PERSONS .

  3. we dont need IT industry everywhere…..there are many other stream which can generate employment here ….with fertile land around govt need to look out for agriculture startup which can add value to farmers produce.

  4. Yes it would be very helpful for fresher as job seeker to get there first job in there city it self then after having experience they can shift to metro city to other company. The issue here in Belgaum it sector is tht thy do not encourage or give opportunity to job seeker to start thr career in it thy always go with what kind exp u have as fresher the it firms should chng there mind sets regarding fresher who is seeking for jobs here.

    • I too have worked in Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Nashik and Stuttgart (Germany). But finally I wanted to settle and have my own industry in Belagavi, so started my own firm and its running fine from last 4 year’s. We are into design and manufacturing of tools (sheet metal and plastic) to aerospace, automotive industries.
      Yes. Industries like, IT or manufacturing industries needs support from government and our local leaders ‘s & MP’s. Which is not happening now. And also city should be planned and developed properly. Over a period of Belagavi shouldn’t become another Bengaluru.

  5. The IT firm in belagavi also results in development of city too, without affecting existing agriculture lands belagavi requires a IT park so the new emerging Enterpreuners can get a good environment

  6. What could be a better time than now to expand the IT landscape for Belagavi when large IT companies have now realised that remote working is cost effective and also drives more productivity. Many of the IT industries are planning to consolidate their workplaces as the future workforce is mostly remote and we wouldnt need larger real estate

    Setting up Operations Center’s at Places like Belagavi would help them tap the Talented Workforce and support their cost optimisation efforts
    ( above are my personal opinions)

  7. I too have worked in Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Nashik and Stuttgart (Germany). But finally I wanted to settle and have my own industry in Belagavi, so started my own firm and its running fine from last 4 year’s. We are into design and manufacturing of tools (sheet metal and plastic) to aerospace, automotive industries.


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