Abhishek Navale first Indian to hold 3 world records in roller skating


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Belgaum’s youngster Abhishek Navale now has a unique distinction to himself by becoming the first Indian to hold 3 world records in roller skating.

Abhishek with his world records
Abhishek with his world records

First record: Longest distance skated on road (under 8 years) 540 kms from Bangalore to Belgaum in six days. He achieved this fete on November 1, 2008.

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Second Record: Longest Limbo skating under the Bars, where he covered a distance of 12 feet by gliding himself under a bar 8.7 inches, he did this on 25th July 2009.

Third Record: on 25th July 2009, he also he became the world record holder for longest backward Limbo skating under vehicle (10 Tata Sumos).

The world records acadamey has recognized all these there records making him the first Indian to achieve this fete.

Abhishek is a student of Std.2 of A V H English Medium School, Belgaum.

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