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Roads, potholes and animals how to drive safely

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The two photos below tell the story by themselves.

Khanapur road
Khanapur road

Cows sitting the middle of Khanapur road, just besides the divider and making the commuters take a sudden halt in front of them as to give them some respect and take a diversion and see at them and pass by. Similar scenes are seen at many places in city. Bogarves, Govaves are common places for these scenes.


The second picture is of the wonderful potholes that have been created by the little rain in August. Most roads were BIG pot hole free but as nothing was done to keep them good, now the roads are taking its own course. This picture take on congress road opposite Sheetal Rasvanti grih says it all. There are few more on the same road. No one has bothered to even fill them up.

Its Ganesh festival time and people will be now planning to move out to see the Ganesh Idols and I would like to caution then if it has rained, be sure “Daag Ache Hain’ as some potholes have been filled up with mud especially in places like the Market, interiors of Shahpur, Vadagaon. I experienced the same yesterday when I was travelling all over to get photos of Ganesh idols.

3 thoughts on “Roads, potholes and animals how to drive safely”

  1. Yes Uday, its a really a bad situation in belgaum.. the money which is sanctioned to Belgaum is not spent on development…where its being wasted..let us know…also the garbage in belgaum has increased and the officails just clean it only once a daily.
    Now i/m in Saudi Arabia working here as a Pharmacist and look over here the garbage cleaning officails vists the same road for every keep the city clean and you will not find a single paper littered on road. well many things has to be changed over there….god bless

  2. What are the authorities doing on this issue?

    We remember the authorities saying that Karnataka Land Army Corporation has consrtuced the new Tar Road on Congress Road few months ago and they had guaranteed its duarbilty.Now Where is the Guarantee and Assurance ?

    The Govt. will now appoint another contractor or corporation on behalf of the Public and waive off its responsiblities..

    Lets Hope this time the public authorities take this matter seriously and relieve inconvenicence bearing innocent citizens.

  3. To all those who travel down to belgaum from bangalore be carefull when you enter belgaum from the gandhinagar exit. There is a big ditch there right in the middle of the road and unfortunately since half of that road always has stagnant water the pothole is not visible . Quite a few cars get stuck there and 2 wheeler riders fall (I was a victim of this ditch luckily me and my wife escaped unhurt). Just be carefull and manouver towards the right of the road that is dry and the road is visible.


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