Belgavi Boy Niranjan Makes His Maiden Grand Master’ Norm

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Belagavi boy, Untitled player Niranjan Navalgund made his maiden Grandmaster norm despite losing to Grandmaster Dzhumaev Marat of Uzbekistan in the ninth and penultimate round of 15th Parsvnath International chess tournament which concluded on 16th January, 2017.

Niranjan Makes His Maiden Grand Master’ NormNiranjan Makes His Maiden Grand Master’ Norm
The said International event was organized by the Delhi Chess Association, Delhi from 9/1/2017 to 16/1/2017 at Ludlow Castle Sports Complex, New Delhi(India). 258 chess players including 24 Grand Masters, 22 International Masters, Women Grand Masters, and titled players from 19 countries(Federations) participated in the event .

In the 10 round tournament Niranjan started on 81st seed and secured 23rd place in the tournament by wining against 2 Grand Masters, 2 International Masters, drew against 1 Grand Master and 1 International Master. Niranjan secured 6.5 points. Untitled, Niranjan has set a new benchmark for youngsters and the budding writer looks good to be a Grandmaster in quick time. Niranjnan also increased ELO rating by 84 points.

Earlier Niranjan participated in the IIFL International Chess tournament held at Mumbai and bagged 28th prize and one of his game was awarded as the best game of the tournament. During December, 2016 Niranjan also played four major events that included, Penang Open, Penang League, Johor Open and Johor rapid in Malaysia from 5th Dec to 9th Dec, 2016. He scored 5.5/9 with three wins, five draws against higher titled players that included a draw against the winner of the event. With this performance, Niranjan gained 34 rating points and bagged 18th prize in the International event.

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