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BPL update – Bold for better

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By Chaitanya Halgekar
Hossan Gokak came to ball his first over when the two openers of Sairaj Yuvraj Warriors were dominating the proceedings. By smashing 57 runs in 6 overs they had cleared their intentions.
Some other spinner bowling his first over at the moment would have tried to stop the batsmen from hitting the ball by bowling flatter and quicker. However, Hossan Gokak did the complete opposite. In his first over, he gave flight to all his six deliveries and invited the batsmen to play a big shot.
He pushed the ball in air which resulted in the ball going above the eyebrows of batsmen. Both the batsmen were completely taken aback by this approach of Gokak and failed to hit a single good shot.
This 07th over of the innings hence was a major feature of today’s play as this over once again reflected how sometimes being bold is not stupid but in fact is sensible.
Gokak at that time could have easily became defensive as his team was in trouble. But he intentionally and with a huge heart stepped to the occasion by counter-attacking.
And the approach he selected was not just bold but also tremendously risky. On some other day the batsmen may have hit those flighted balls over the boundary rope. But what made the gamble work was the element of surprise.
The last thing the two batsmen expected the bowler to do at that time was to offer flight. And this is where Gokak won the battle. He surprised the batsmen by pushing the ball in the air and even before the batsmen realized what’s happening the over was completed.
Today, once again Gokak proved bold is better!

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