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KLE School and Herwadkar School qualify for Royecton memorial

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The first Knock-out phase match in the Qualifying Round today was played between KLE International School and Love Dale Central School. The match began by KLE getting a number of chances to score but Love Dale fended off the goal attempts well. KLE fought hard and Musharaf Chourdhary of KLE School opened the score of the match in the 15th minute. Vishal Khilari of KLE then scored a goal in the 34th minute but Omar Kalkundri of Love Dale managed to score a goal immediately in the 36th minute. Even though Love Dale were defending well, it was not enough to stop double goals by Vishal Khilari of KLE School in the 39th and 53rd minutes of the match. Omar Kalkundri managed to score his second goal of the match for Love Dale in the 56th minute. But Vishal Khilari scored his fourth goal of the match in the 57th minute. KLE School won the match 5 -2.

The second and final Knock-out phase match of the day was played by Bensons High School and M V Herwadkar School. The match began well and both teams displaying great football skills. Early on in the match itself, in the 9th minute, Rutik Kolhapure of Herwadkar School scored the first goal of the match. Then it soon appeared to be raining goals on Benson by Omkar Sutar scoring a goal in the 17th minute, Kushal Kutre scoring a goal in the 25th minute and Omkar Sutar scoring another goal in the 31st minute for Herwadkar School. Even though the game appeared to be solely on Herwadkar’s side, Prasad Patil of Bensons School managed to score in the 34th minute. The match then saw double goals put in for Herwadkar School in the 47th and 55th minutes solely by Aniket Pangri. But literally in the last minute of the match, Akash Patil of Benson School managed to put in a goal but Herwadkar School won the match 6 – 2.

In today’s knock-out phase matches, KLE School and Herwadkar School emerged Qualifiers in the Memorial Cup 2013 Main Draw Tournament. Tomorrow, Tuesday, 30th July, KLE School will clash with M V Herwadkar School to determine the 1st Qualifier and the 2nd Qualifier. 

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