Sorry state of Belgaum Central bus stand


bijapur_bgmbusstandFirst Impression is the Last Impression. The first thing that catches your eye when you look at a city is its Central bus stand (CBT), from where normally the visitors land. CBT can be also termed as the front office of an organization in most cases and thus, the first impression your city has on a visitor entirely depends on your front office, in this the Central bus stand.

And the pitying state of Belgaum CBT is alarming and no one is bothered to look into this which adds to the apathy of the visitors and travelers.

You are welcomed with a wonderful odour at the entrance which actually gives you a sense of what is in store for you.
Once you get down from the bus you will have to find land where you can step on and move out of it. Currently the entire bus stand is full of potholes and an estimates says there must be atleast thousands of potholes of various sizes and depth.
The redevelopment plan of the bus stand has been shifting its tables/offices but no improvement what so ever on the ground.
Many small towns have wonderful complete concrete bus stand. Take Bijapur for that matter, the entire bus stand is concreted and look at Belgaum.
Why is there so much of apathy towards Belgaum from the policy makers and one who implement them is hard to understand.
If the Bijapur stand cane be concreted then why not even Belgaum?
Maybe it is time, for each development the citizens will have to come forward and ask hard questions to the policy makers.

Photo: Krishna/Anand


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  1. Iam shocked to see pic of belgaum bus stand, it looks like craters on moon surface ! Its high time to asphalt or concrete the entire patch of land. Bijapur bus stand looks impressive

  2. Let us build a New Bus Terminus with Shopping mall cum Multiplex.By that time shift the operations to station bus stand ,Ramdev and the place where RR Buses used to operate?

  3. I think for belgaumites its time to stand together and hit to street either its development issue.or implementation of auto fare and so on. Otherwise these policy maker wont listen by soft words.

  4. Belgaum comes under NWKSRTC which is headquartered in Hubli. I feel restructuring of CBT is not getting approved because they dont want to see Belgaum Shining… i m sure if all facilities are provided then belgaum will overtake Hubli. Politics is been played.


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