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Nishant Singh to Stretch Skate in the memories of Shahids

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In the memory of ‘Shahid Jawans’, who have sacrificed their lives for our country, 9 year old Belgaum lad Nishant Singh has planned to perform a stunning show at 8 a.m. on May 28,2012 at KLE Society’s Skating Rink, Lingraj College Campus, Belgaum. He will skate into an unimaginable stretched Skating, that may prove to be performance no one could have thought about. He would cover a distance of 2kms without halt.

Nishant would be skating the mentioned distance by stretching his legs to 180 degrees. He will be covering the whole distance with his stretched legs, by pushing himself with his hands and then skate. No person or coach will provide him any physical assistance during his attempt.Nishant

At the tender age of 5, Nishant found skating fascinating and his interest made his parents approach Belgaum Roller Skating Academy, Belgaum. He started his training under the guidance of Suryakant Hindalgekar, Shashidhar Pol, Vishal Vesane and others. Soon his coaches found Nishant outstanding.

Nishant was 6, when his coaches traced hidden talent in him and accordingly started sharpening it. They found him outstanding in stretch skating and accordingly started to train him.

Since last 3 years, Nishant has been undergoing stretch skating training for 2 hours a day. It started from a mere distance of 100 meters and today, he stretch more than 2 kms continuously. Nishant is student of KLE International School, Belgaum studying in 5th Standard. He has been practicing at KLE Society’s Skating Rink Belgaum.

The program will be held on 28th May 2012 at 8:00 a.m. at KLE Society’s Skating Rink, Lingaraj College Campus, College Road, Belgaum.

0 thoughts on “Nishant Singh to Stretch Skate in the memories of Shahids”

  1. God bless the Child and wish him a success. Also, hey bagwan bacche ke mata pita aur gurujanoko ko sudbuddi de. Let the child enjoy his childhood & not get exploited.

  2. A lovely lad. We see him train. Very energetic and a light hearted determined boy. The position in which he is skating is extremely painful. He is equally good at speed skating too. The command he carries on his wheels is one of the best. Pleasure seeing him roll. All the best NIshant. Hope this gets better recognition.
    @NItin – If every hard work is going to be called durbuddhi- I don’t know as a parent ,Guru or well wisher what should be sadbuddi.

  3. What is the connection between ‘memory of Shahid Jawans’ & ‘performing a stunning show’ by little kid. What’s the purpose? PATRIOTISM or ADVERTISEMENT ???.
    Now a days a breed of Slim young little kids are seen in and around the town performing these dare devil stunts (RECORD BREAKING). Is it safe and healthy for such little kids to perform such dangerous act? Is it fair enough to carry-on such dangerous activities in the name of HOBBY???
    Anyway Best of luck Kid!!! May God Bless You.


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