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Know your service request under Sakala online

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Under the Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act 2011, provides guarantee of services to citizens in the State of Karnataka within the stipulated time limit for citizen related services as mentioned in the schedule.

This Act will help you to avail the citizen related services mentioned in the Act within the stipulated time. Whenever the request for the service is made, you shall receive a receipt an acknowledgment slip with GSC number. This ensures that your request for service shall be processed within the specified days. With the help of the GSC number, you can monitor the status of your application on this web-site. You can also check the status of your application by sending an SMS from your mobile phone. In case if your application is rejected or if the service is not provided within the stipulated time, you may file an appeal to the next officer for redress your grievance.sakala

Currently 11 departments have been brought under this act.

Some important links

Check the status with your GSC No. (Right Hand Side )

Various services and time for delivery of each:

Click SERVICES and then one can select the Department they are looking for, from the list.

In case we select City Corporation and then Issue of Birth,Still Birth and Death Certificates and then click sub service one can come to know where one has to apply , the number of days for the service to be delivered and whom to approach in case your request is not met within the specified time limit.

This is in general, if you would like to track your request district wise or department wise same can be done at click of a button.
open this link in the browser.

Then select District Wise radio button

Then click on BELGAUM on the Left hand side

Then you get a list of the departments with the information about how many requests were received during a day/month and how many are pending. If yours is still pending you click the last NO. OF PENDENCY AFTER DUE DATE and then search for your name. (in case of 0 nothing is pending).

This form of tracking is very useful and one be sure where is file is pending to an extent.





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