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Royceton football cup lands into controversy

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[box_light]Finals today (Sunday August 7) between Islamiya Vs St.Pauls at 4pm[/box_light]

[box_light]Islamiya won the match in Penalty shoot out[/box_light]


Belgaum is known for its football tournaments and the most favorite amongst the school level is the Royceton Memorial Cup. St.Paul’s have had a upper hand in winning the cup over the years.royston1

This year the though the tournament has been drawn into a controversy as Sant Meera school did not play the semi finals as a protest that St.Pauls school which was for the first time thrown out of the tournament in the league matches it self, was given a chance to play the Semis as the St.Pauls Vs St.Johns match ended in a draw and then the St.Pauls coach raised a objection about the age of the players of St.Johns. After an inquiry it was found that the players were over age and the organisers asked St.Pauls to play the Semi finals against Sant Meera, to which Sant Meera School denied to play.

St.John’s team went through to the Semis on a goal average after it beat KLS school. Then after the objection from St.Pauls and finding out that a few players were over age the St.John’s team was dis qualified which meant that Sant Meera should have gone directly into the final. But the organisers thought other wise and asked St.Pauls to play the Semis to which Sant Meera opposed and gave a walk over.


6 thoughts on “Royceton football cup lands into controversy”

  1. At least the sports arena should be free from politics & sportsmen spirit should prevail. Well If Sant Meera is a good & capable team the same should be acknowledged & they should be allowed to play in finals.

    It was thought that anyhow St. Pauls will make it to semis so why bother at this stage about the age of St John’s team players but when it didn’t happen so what next let us check the age of players (why this was not done before the game) & then discard St John & ask St Paul to play the semis.

  2. Yeah, too sad to hear about this incident though. I do think the age verification shouldve come anyways before the matches began. Its really sad St Pauls didnt make it through winning all over the league matches.
    I hope we beat Islamiya today, but this Victory need not really be celebrated.
    Next year, let St Pauls win through the tournament in a way where no one questions the team's capabilities.

  3. islamiya had BEEN the champions dude.. bEtter luck for pauls next time and hope if the royecton cup jury verify the age of students before st.pauls is out of the tournament every year tht will be better.. i mean at the start of tournament.. 🙂

  4. SANT MEERA did the right thing by protesting against this injustice. The organisers have always favoured the ST.PAULS team in this tournament.. The organisers surely have had some vested interests in this move. This is not the first time tat some teams like SANT MEERA which hav grown up over the years as strong contenders have been given a raw deal several times.. Its clearly evident tat the organisers are not able to digest the loss of ST.PAULS team..
    The Organisers have gone against the spirit of the beautiful game of football…
    Its really sad, disheartening & shameful..

  5. ST.PAUL lost…!
    Infact they had lost it long back, when SANT MEERA refused to play…

    So, ST PAULS lost to ST.JOHNS first, then to SANT MEERA… and now to ISLAMIYA…..!
    Thank you dear ROYCETON for ur justice from the heavens…!

  6. st Johns team was proved a bogus team after the age varification. st Johns school management is responsible for this. All school management know the rules and regulations of ROYCETON MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT. If an education institution is proved fraud and 420 what about the students and their future. Gold medals from OLYMPIC games are taken back, teams are disqualified from OLYMPIC, ARJUNA awards are taken back. Sant Meera team by not playing has helped st Johns team to cheat and be dishonest


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