Royceton Gomes semi-finalists declared


2:30 PM St. Mary’s vs. KLS. KLS began the match well and the score opened early for them when Ayan Mudalgi scored a goal in the 6th minute. KLS continued their impressive field play in the second half and Ayan Mudalgi scored another goal in the 26th minute. St. Mary’s fought back hard and their efforts paid off when Ameer Naik scored a goal in the 36th minute. St. Mary’s pressed on and Ameer Naik managed to score their equalizer in the 50th minute moments before the final whistle. The game ended in a well-deserved draw 2 – 2.royecton football belgaum

3:30 PM Love Dale vs. Cantonment. Omar Farooq Kalkundri opened the score of the match early in the 7th minute and scored another goal through a penalty-kick awarded to them in the 17th minute. Love Dale continued to play well in the second half and Cantonment was struggling for possession of the ball. Even though Cantonment managed to take charge of the ball a couple of times and took a few shots at the goal, they were well defended by the Love Dale goal-keeper, Amogh Naik. Love Dale won the match 2 – 0.

4:30 PM Dnyan Prabodhan vs. Bensons. The match began by both teams playing equally well and having a go at one another’s goal but no goals were scored in the first half. Vedant Halgekar opened the score early in the first few minutes of the second half by scoring a goal for Dnyan Prabodhan in the 26th minute followed by another goal in the 30th minute. Benson fought back hard to equalize the score and Mahir Ghori scored a goal for Bensons in the 45th minute. Dnyan Prabodhan won the match 2 – 1.

On Wednesda, the first semi-finals at 3:00 PM will be played between St. Paul’s and Phoenix Public. The second semi-finals at 4:30 PM will be played by Sant Meera and MV Niketan. The winners will clash in the finals match scheduled at 4:00 PM on Friday, August 7, the birth anniversary of Master Royceton Gomes in whose memory this Tournament is played.



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