Sardars ground ready for a makeover

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The 4.5 acres Sardars ground is in the heart of the city and is now only used for sports. The govt has now decided to give the ground a really coveted make over by spending Rs.56 lakhs.

This is basically the Sardars high school ground and is used for sports the year wide especially cricket. The old stage on the ground will be renovated with a budget of Rs.3 lakhs 50 thousand.

28 lakhs would be spent on building a gallery for the spectators which has been a long pending demand.sardars

A toilet block will also be built for the sports persons the budget for which is 3 lakhs 50 thousand.

14 lakhs will be spent on making wickets for cricket, and also marked areas for other sports including some grass carpeting.

Work is expected to commence in September 2012.
Grounds such as Sardars need to preserved and reserved for sports and all kind of sports activities alone.

6 thoughts on “Sardars ground ready for a makeover”

  1. Good to see some move towards development of the ground. Hope lots of sports activity take place on the same ground.

  2. health of half the belgaum will improve if we make provision for bike lane and impose heavy fine using vehicle (2W-, 3W- and 4Wheelers) Then sportsperson will perform better with good environment. Please block the use anyone bringing powered vehicles to the ground for the matter any ground.

  3. I have very sweet memories of this ground. I played cricket with my friends during my schooling days… I happened to be the only one who ever hit sixes. Great to know that this ground is getting a face-lift.


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