Cantonment cancels the toll on vehicles

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In a citizen friendly decision the Cantonment board has decided to do away with the TOLL on commmercial vehicles which it was charging for about 6 months. The people were really not happy with this decision. As the govt has sanctioned a sum of Rs.5 crore for the development of the Cantonment area the board has decided to do away with the toll collection.

Also permission to build a temporary shed in the premises of the St.Paul’s school was granted so that the children can have their food in a closed enclosure.

4 thoughts on “Cantonment cancels the toll on vehicles”

  1. At last the cantonment decides right and stops collecting toll on all vehicles. Now, Where is the money collected till date and what development has been made or is it gone to the pockets ?

  2. you want good roads for free very good. you do not want to pay tax very good, you do not want to pay tolls very good. You want very high salary or profits very good. What we all will do with such huge amounts of money? Do not eat food. Eat Money. Do not drink water. Drink money. By plots and sell it for high profits, get more money. Live Unhappily. I had laugh of my life when, protesters came on motorcycle for agitation against price hike last month.


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