Shrikrishna Deshpande runs the Mumbai marathon for the sixth time

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Shrikrishna Deshpande a retired postal employee, ran the Mumbai marathon held on Sunday 15, 2012 for the Sixth time in the row. He follows a strict exercise regime and regulated diet. And the he said that he would participate the nest year too.

Mr. Deshpande retired as a postal department employee in 1981. Then started his athletic career at the age of 65. He has been running for last 25 years now and he has ran in over 300 events in India and abroad.

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Deshpande said he had taken up running to improve his health and was also encouraging his son to take part in it. For three years, the marathon has served as an annual pilgrimage for the 87-year-old.

He bagged a gold medal in an athletic meet in Sri Lanka. Lack of sponsorship forces him to spend money from his pension to participate in national or international events.

Mr. Deshpande, who has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, dreams of securing a gold medal in a world meet in his life time.

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  1. I used to see this great man…practice on the CDPed Grounds every day, and believe me he was very focused on this exercise. Even we could not run 3 -5 rounds of that ground, but this person did it easily, This was followed by exercise…..Hope he gets his GOLD…


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