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DailyGate – Arvind Kapadia

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Here we present – DailyGate

dailygate startup
Email address:[email protected]
Brand Name of the Startup:DailyGate
Core Focus Area :Productively, data capturing
Description about the startup :We at DAILYGATE strive to give simple solutions to the complexities of communication in MANUFACTURING and service sector
DAILYGATE believes in the human spirit of team work and will continue innovating on providing a platform for achieving success through collaboration and delegation,
Our team of developers and designers will apply their minds and hearts to understand human interaction with technology and come out with solutions making human life simple in the complexities of growing technology
Our teams will consider human needs first , be it our customers or our team members
TRUST , INTEGRITY & CLARITY are the hallmark of effectiveness in communication and DAILYGATE as an organisation will follow these values as a part of its philosophy and also part of its solutions
Startup Registered:Yes
Applicant Name :Arvind Kapadia
Email :[email protected]
Registered Office Address:Plot no 2111 Saraswati Nagar 6 th cross Ganeshpur Belagavi
Founder Details :Arvind Kapadia
Co-Founder Details :Amey Kadle
Founded Year:2020
Are you a Pre Revenue Company :Yes
Funding – If you have got any funding share details:Bootstrapped
Investors – List of investors if any :
Describe Product or Service :DailyGate was born out of the pains of a manufacturer, the organised sector is efficient in its information flow and the SMEs are efficient in the material flow. Information flow +material flow =Cash flow

SMEs armed with an information platform for internal delegation and an end to end collaboration suite with OEM customers makes a lethal weapon for supply chain management to sustain its never ending struggle of manufacturing excellence.
Elaborate on the scalability of the Product or Service :Being a SaaS product company DailyGate is designed to fill the gap between SAP and WhatsApp, and scaling is inherently a part of DailyGate s design
Elaborate on the innovativeness :The only project management tool that has been designed to be implemented with a bottoms up approach, simplistic to match the users needs
Company Social Media Handles
FB – DailyGate Informix
LinkedIn – DailyGate Informix P Ltd


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