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rivot motors

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Brand Name of the Startup
Core Focus Area
Electric Vehicle (Scooter/Two Wheeler)
Description about the startup
We are a startup working on an electric scooter which adapts to the riders profile in realtime, which means, based on who is riding the scooter, the various performance parameters of the scooters will be adjusted/altered in realtime, the scooter will also be having about 6 first in the industry features mainly around intelligence/embedded/IOT areas, the final product will be the closest possible electric variant to a gasoline powered scooter with respect to performance and refueling, people can go to fuel station with their scooter and get topped up to full charge in around the same time as they normally take for a petrol powered scooter, these refueling stations may or may not be manned, manned stations are only needed in case of cash transaction, while the EV market is seeing the charge station network concept, we on the other hand are working on an absolute replacement of the current petrol fuel stations with the new technology of refueling station which are capable of charging a vehicle to full in just few minutes.
Startup Registered
Website address
Applicant Name
Ajit Patil
Registered Office Address
Fourth Floor, Oneness, 1st Cross, 1st Main, Sadashivnagar Main Road, Belagavi, 590001

Founder Details
Ajit Patil
Co-Founder Details
Founded Year
Are you a Pre Revenue Company
Funding – If you have got any funding share details
Investors – List of investors if any
Describe Product or Service
We are building an electric scooter to replace all the petrol powered scooters on the road, based on our initial prototypes, we are looking at a very long range electric scooters, in the range of 150-250KM per charge, we have started working on super fast quick charing technology which will recharge the vehicle to 100% within less than the time needed to fill a scooter petrol tank.
The major reason for people not adopting electric vehicle is due to range anxiety and no quick or super fast recharging technology, while we can increase the battery capacity in a scooter to increase the range but the fact that once you are out of juice there is no quick way of recharging like we do with traditional petrol scooters still bothers many, even if you increase the battery capacity the initial buying cost of the vehicle becomes a deterrent for the buyers who was to switch to clean energy, we are able to solve both of these problems, our scooter though can reach a range of 200+ KM, but the cost of the same will still be around the same price as that of a petrol version, and will still be able to get refiled/recharged at a refueling station just like how a petrol vehicle is done currently.
Elaborate on the scalability of the Product or Service
The product is designed scale to the whole of the country and outside too.
Elaborate on the innovativeness
Accident/Fall detection
Keyless Entry
Inbuilt Dash cam inside the headlight cluster
Ultra high riding range of unto 280KM
Designed in Belagavi, India
Rider profile based performance
Modular removable batteries
First of its kind Auxiliary Power Unit
Screen Pattern based scooter unlocking
Upto 35% regenerative braking.
Self retracting charing cord
Handsfree boot release mechanism with just two foot taps
Even the battery packs are cloud connected
Biggest boot space in its category
Company Social Media Handles

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