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Serwizi – The Multi Service App-Siddharth Mutkekar

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Email address:[email protected]
Brand Name of the Startup:Serwizi – The Multi Service App
Core Focus Area :Waste Management & Sustainability
Description about the startup :Serwizi is a multi service app intended to solve daily life problems and provide hyper convenience. Our first service is a doorstep waste management service called ScrapEazy. Households, Offices and Companies generate tons of waste regularly that can be easily recycled and create monetary & resource value for everyone. But due to lack of a standardised collection and recycling service, all this valuable recyclable waste ends up in landfills and our oceans. The traditional Kabadiwala system is flawed in many ways like 1) They are hard to locate.
2) They do not pickup waste(scrap) at your convenience.
3) They provide inaccurate weight measures and hence fool the end customer.
4) They provide false prices for items.

Our main aim is to make recycling simple, convenient and efficient for everyone. And in the process contribute to a circular economy, a stronger / self-reliant economy and cleaner environment.
Startup Registered:Yes
Applicant Name :Siddharth Mutkekar
Email :[email protected]
Registered Office Address:H.No 168/16, Tashildar Galli, Belgaum – 590001
Founder Details :Siddharth Milind Mutkekar
[email protected]
Co-Founder Details :Uday Kumar Thamutum
[email protected]
Harin Mukesh Shah
[email protected]
Founded Year:2021
Funding – If you have got any funding share details:No
Investors – List of investors if any :No. We are bootstrapped
Describe Product or Service :We have started an on-demand and standardised service for collecting, segregating and transporting recyclable waste to Partnered Recyclers in the city. Interested customers can book a pickup request via Call / Whatsapp currently. We provide honest market standard prices and accurate weight measurement using Electronic weigh scales. We are also building an App for this to make the service more accessible and convenient for Users.
Elaborate on the scalability of the Product or Service :Our service/ product is highly scalable as we are planning to scale across the country in the next 5 years. We will be expanding across Belgaum City in the next 6 months and 2 other cities in 1 year. Taking into account the size of the entire waste management industry which is expected to grow to 20 Billion Dollars by 2025 in India, we are confident we can capture a substantial chunk of this market with our unique offering and our business model.
Elaborate on the innovativeness :Our USP is –
1) We provide an on-demand waste management service that no competitor in the market is currently capable of doing.
2) We provide market standard pricing and accurate weight measures using electronic weigh scales.
3) Our well-trained and professional team
4) We provide convenience of a pickup till your doorstep
Company Social Media Handles :Instagram – @serwizi

FaceBook – Serwizi

Twitter – @ArbitrioTech

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