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Turmidrill (StackWorks Labs Private Limited)

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Brand Name of the Startup
Turmidrill (StackWorks Labs Private Limited)
Core Focus Area
Cloud Manufacturing
Description about the startup
TURMIDRILL is an On-Demand Cloud Manufacturing platform of precision parts that aims to build worlds largest smart network of manufacturing shops. With the deep-tech capabilities of our cloud platform, we ensure consistent and predictable business to our manufacturing partners based on their capabilities, availability and expertise areas. Several partners work with us to grow their business.
Startup Registered
Website address
Applicant Name
Digvijay Bhatkhande
Registered Office Address
52/B Somwarpeth, Tilakwadi Belgaum, Karnataka – 590006
Founder Details
Digvijay Bhatkhande
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Founded Year
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Funding – If you have got any funding share details
Turmidrill is incubated by Nasscom Bangalore.
Investors – List of investors if any
Describe Product or Service
Many manufacturing companies often face the problem of machineries laying idle due to lack of orders and because of which they incur losses. This problem has escalated during this pandemic. On the other hand, many customers such as consumer durables, hardware start-ups, healthcare companies etc do not get access to quality manufacturers at economical costs and most of the times end up working with sub-standard manufacturers which costs them time, money and resources.

We at Turmidrill are trying to bridge this gap by helping manufacturers reduce their idle machine time and thereby reduce loss of revenues. The manufacturing companies can partner with us to get confirmed orders every month and can generate more business. In this way, they can focus more on their core strength i.e., manufacturing while we will take care of all other activities. On the other hand, the customers can get access to our vast network of vetted manufacturers, reduce lead time, can manufacture single to even a thousand units of a product and at the same time they can track the manufacturing status of their products in real time.
Benefits to customer:
1. Access to vetted manufacturing capabilities: Our intelligent algorithm understands the customer requirements and matches the order with our manufacturing partner with appropriate capabilities and expertise.
2. Prototype to Batch : The customers can prototype new products, manufacture limited series of products or even a thousand units of a product.
3. Shorter Lead Times: Our platform helps businesses that want their product to get to the market in the shortest possible time.
4. Production Transparency: Real time tracking as the product passes through the various stages of production process with live notifications and updates on our platform.
Benefits to Manufacturing partner:
1. Reduce idle machine time: Idle machine means loss of revenues. Such losses can be reduced by partnering with us to get confirmed orders every month.
2. Generate more business: With more and more customers placing orders on our platform, partners can now generate more revenues.
3. More focus on Manufacturing: By partnering with us, they can focus more on their core strength i.e., manufacturing while we will take care of all other activities.
Elaborate on the scalability of the Product or Service
Using our cloud based manufacturing platform, the manufacturing partners registered on our platform can monetize their idle machine time, generate more revenues and can thus reduce losses. With more and more orders coming in through the customers, not only the idle machine time will be reduced but, the manufacturing partners will have to work in multiple shifts or even install new machineries all together to fulfil these orders. This will create a lot of employment opportunities for our several manufacturing partners and will also increase their wealth.
Being a cloud based platform, our business model is highly and easily scalable. It is also easily accessible to customer and partners not only in India but across the world. To make this platform more robust and add new features which will help further help our partners and customers, we will be add more people to our team and will be creating more employment opportunities going forward.
Overall, our start-up will be creating wealth and employment opportunities not only for itself but for everyone in its ecosystem, like the manufacturing partners and customers.
Elaborate on the innovativeness
Our uniqueness lies in the intelligent Artificial Intelligence algorithm that we have developed which understands the customer requirements and matches the order with our manufacturing partner with appropriate capabilities and expertise. Apart from the capabilities, the algorithm also considers several other factors like distance, shipping costs and delivery time while matching the order. The Artificial Intelligent enabled algorithm analyses the customer’s drawing and generates the quotation automatically thereby saving a lot of customer’s time and helping them to accelerate their product development and time to market. Using this platform, the manufacturing partners can also apply for short term credit facilities to fulfil their orders. Going forward, for the orders received the platform can also help the manufacturers to keep a track of their inventory, manage the Bill of Materials and analysis of Material requirement planning which most of the MSMEs do not have access to.
Our in-house designed unique automated rating system ensure that the partners maintain highest quality standards so that our customers always get quality products delivered at their doorsteps.
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Our Start-Up is recognised by Govt of India, Govt of Karnataka and also by Nasscom.
Since our city Belgaum has a lot of small and medium manufacturing companies, apart from potential investors, the story can also help the manufacturing companies to get access to our customers so that they can increase their revenues and recover losses suffered during the pandemic.

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