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YHB Foods Pvt. Ltd – Shirish Chincholimath

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Email address:[email protected]
Brand Name of the Startup:YHB Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Core Focus Area :Food
Description about the startup :In this fast moving world, where people seldom pay attention to eating
proper food, YHB aims at facilitating it’s customers with quick bites
that are tasty yet super healthy.

Whether it’s an everyday office goer, student or anyone who feels
hungry in between meals, YHB aims to target these customers and
provide them with quick healthy bites and burst the hunger.

We want to promote healthy snacking instead of junk food that
everyone craves for.
Startup Registered:Yes
Website address:
Applicant Name :Shirish Chincholimath
Registered Office Address:CTS No. 3439/1A and 3439/2A, 4th Floor, MORE Plaza, College Road, Above Arena Animation Belagavi, Belagavi – 590001
Founder Details :Shirish Chincholimath
Co-Founder Details :Amrutarani Chincholimath
Founded Year:2020
Are you a Pre Revenue Company :No
Investors – List of investors if any :No
Describe Product or Service :India ranks 3rd in Global Obesity Index. Therefore to tackle this issue, we are promoting healthy lifestyle and the right snack / food intake. Just like how we take medications to counter illness, we believe with the right intake of nature’s goodness into our bodies will have a positive effect. Hence having fresh healthy snacks / bites delivered on a regular and timely basis on a subscription based module is the innovation. Customers will have the freedom to select the number of subscription days in the calendar, desired time and location as per their convenience for YHB to deliver the fresh snacks / bites.
Elaborate on the scalability of the Product or Service :Over 70-85% of the population in India prefer having several small meals
throughout the day, as opposed to a few large ones traditionally. Additionally, we also target and convince customers who prefer not to snack / introduce YHB as a healthy source.
Elaborate on the innovativeness :We want our YHB customers to be treated with fresh and healthy snacks/bites. This in return adds not only to a healthy lifestyle but the overall well-being of YHB subscribers. Additionally, having set a subscription method allows for a hassle-free delivery for the desired dates without having to purchase every now & then in our busy schedules.
Company Social Media Handles :
Something more you want to share:YHB Foods has been selected for Elevate 2021 Finals. The final round will be conducted this month.

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