3 couples in the race to become councilor

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This could be for the first time in the history of the Belagavi corporation, that as many as three couples are in the election arena!

After the withdrawal of nominations for the Belagavi Municipal Corporation elections, there are now 385 candidates in the fray.

A total of three couples are trying their luck in these municipal elections.

Former Mayor Appasaheb Pujari Ward no. 41 and his wife former Deputy Mayor Madhushree Pujari Ward no. 56 are contesting the elections.


From Ward no. 3 from former Deputy Mayor Meena Vaz and from Ward no 4 her husband, former councilor RaymanVaz, is trying his luck again.

Similarly, from ward no. 23 Sandhya Pernurkar, daughter of late MLA Sambhaji Patil and her husband Nitin Pernurkar from Ward No. 27 are in the fray.

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