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Many voters names missing: 50.41% polling today

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50.41% polling was held for the Belagavi city corporation elections

2013 numbers- Polling was 60.85%. Total voters 314616: Male: 159389 and 155227 female.Voting Done: total- 191454 Male- 98040 Female- 93414

Highest voted ward No: 48 – 70.46%

Lowest Voted Ward No: 26 – 23.89%

There were a lot of complaints about the names missing and here

Incase of on family -fathers name was missing while the wife, and two children has names in 3 different wards.

Ajit PatilSame house, half the members are in one ward and the rest in another, appears like a scam/conspiracy of another level.Only who did this knows who is where.

Mahesh HebbaleEntire family members names missing from the list.. didn’t cast vote…In MP election voted whole family..

Rajeev BeesankopWith same house…some names are in 34 and some in 33 what a division of HUF

Vinay GaddigoudarFirst of all I would like to know who is the election officer??? Me & my wife belong to ward no 32, we both stay in same house… How come my voting is in ward no 32 & my wife’s voting in ward no 31… Does this make any sense?????

Girish ArakeriIn Mahantesh Nagar… 4 members from one family having same address in voter card, 3 listed in ward 36 and 1 member listed in ward 35….

Kapil Pawaskar100 to 150 names from Jadhav nagar have been omitted. Same condition is of Hanuman nagar

Sadiq Pachapuri..

Basically from ward 12..

Whole Family Voted in Ward 18 due to nonsense work of Administration..

Alone I voted in ward 12.

Sandeep S ChandgadkarLots of mistakes….lots of nonsense update By the workers who have done the enlisting work , ward 34 voters name in 33…Dad’s photo in place of sons…losts of nuisance

Praveen KulkarniI had to check with half a dozen tables to check the names and serial numbers of my family members. . . When I went in to vote, I checked with the representative there and got to know the details of my family members. Spent more than half an hour for a 5 minute job

Rehmat MadiwaleYes , I am from ward No 30 .They have put me in ward No 13 my husband ‘s name is also changed.

ccb election

…or it has been created purposely to suit someone…

CA Pushkar Avinash OgaleYes lot of changes. I voted in one ward and my mom voted for in another ward.

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  1. Myself voted in different ward n my wife voted in our ward n my mom dad’s names r missing from the list job well done BLO and Election Commission


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