Railway came to Belgaum in 1887

The first train in India was flagged off on April 16, 1853, a Saturday, at 3:35 pm between Bori Bunder (Mumbai) and Thane, a distance of 34 kms.

The Londa-Belgaum (now Belagavi) line was opened on 21st March 1887, Belgaum to Miraj line covering 138.21 km (85.88 miles) was opened in December 1887.

It was then under the Sangli Section run by the Southern Maratha Railway which began the work in 1886 on the Poona to Londa via Miraj.

Bella Vista Belagavi

Sangli to Belgaum-Sangli section was completed by Vishram Karman of Chandiya, Manji Hira of Kumbharia, Jeram Jagmal of Kumbharia.
The section was called Miraj-Sangli to Belgaum-Sangli because Princely State of Sangli also had an enclave near Belgaum. The section covered the stations of Vijaynagar, Ugar Khurd, Chinchli, Raybag, Chikodi Road, Bagewadi, Ghatprabha, Parkanhatti, Pachhapur, Sulebhavi and total length of this line was 90 miles.

Source: Sangli district Gazette



  1. Hey guys I am an architecture student and needed some history and old photos about it ….if some can help me out????

  2. At that time,even after late 1970’s, there was no station by name Parakanhatti.After Pachapur Gokak station was there.Parakanhatti station came into existence only after Hidkal Dam was constructed i.e in late 70’s.