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Forest Adventure Gone Awry: 9 Belagavi Youths Rescued After Getting Lost in Jungle

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A group of young individuals from Belagavi ventured into the forest near Sural on the Belagavi Goa highway, skillfully evading the watchful eyes of the forest department. Unfortunately, their adventure took an unexpected turn as they found themselves lost in the vast wilderness. The forest and police departments swiftly initiated a search operation to locate the stranded youths, who were at risk of encountering dangerous predators. Thanks to the tireless efforts of social activists and the forest department, the group was eventually rescued.

The rescued individuals have been safely transported to the check post and police station in Jamboti, where their concerned parents will be contacted. However, it has been reported that legal action will be taken against them for trespassing into the forest.

Yesterday, a group of youngsters hailing from Tilakwadi, Angol, and Vadgaon areas of Belagavi embarked on a thrilling jungle safari. They intended to revel in the beauty of the forest and celebrate together. Regrettably, their plans were thwarted by the forest department, prompting them to bypass the authorities and enter the forest through the Sural area. Unbeknownst to them, they were ill-prepared to navigate their way back.

Upon learning of their predicament, concerned social workers in Belagavi promptly alerted the police and forest departments, who tirelessly scoured the forest throughout the night in search of the lost youths. Finally, at the break of dawn, the young adventurers were located and safely brought to Jamboti.

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Technology has proven to be invaluable in safely rescuing wayward youths who have ventured into the wilderness. Despite not having access to phones, a call from a concerned individual prompted the forest department and social workers to suggest sharing the live location, enabling successful tracing of these individuals. No one must attempt such a dangerous feat.

In addition to the efforts of the forest department and social workers, the youths of Parwad village have played a significant role in locating the lost individuals within the forest. Remarkably, one of the lost youths managed to establish contact at four in the morning, frantically shouting that his mobile phone was within reach. As a result, all the youths have been apprehended by the forest department and the police in the Sural check post area. Subsequently, their relatives will be summoned and fined accordingly.

By leveraging technology and the collaborative efforts of various parties, we have successfully rescued these misguided youths from perilous situations. We must discourage such reckless behavior in the future, emphasizing the importance of responsible exploration and adventure.

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  1. We must make aware our children & youths to avoid about the life risking adventures. As per the above news the youths who entered the wildness are very lucky not mate with any wild or natural dangers and rescued. Must thanks to forest department and the Parwad youths for the successful rescue mission.


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