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Depositors of Sangoli Rayanna Coop Society to get their money back

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By uday

The process of refunding money to the depositors of Sangoli Rayanna Cooperative Society has commenced. However, to receive the refund, depositors are required to travel to Bangalore and submit the necessary documents along with their application. Unfortunately, this places a financial burden on them and forces them to endure long waits outside the Bangalore office.

Documents are to be submitted along with the application for the desired facility in Belagavi, Bangalore To recover their deposit amount, depositors must apply for both the Special Officer and the Competent Authority.

This application needs to be filed at the VV towers opposite GPO opposite the Vidhan Soudha Bengaluru.

As a result, there is a significant influx of depositors at this location. Given that the majority of Sangoli Rayanna Society depositors are from the Belagavi district, it is urged that arrangements be made for them to file their applications in Belagavi instead.

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A staggering amount of Rs 400 crores has been embezzled from Sangoli Rayanna Society. Following the filing of a complaint in 2017, action was taken against the society. The investigation into this scam has led to the initiation of the process to confiscate the ill-gotten gains. However, this places an additional burden on the depositors. It is imperative to visit Bangalore to apply.

However, the majority of depositors in this society are senior citizens who are finding it increasingly challenging to make the trip to Bangalore and complete the application process. Many of them are forced to make multiple trips, causing inconvenience and frustration. Additionally, women depositors are burdened with the responsibility of traveling to and from Bangalore with their children. As a result, the depositors are enduring significant hardships and financial strain. In light of these circumstances, there is a pressing demand for the establishment of application filing facilities in Belagavi.

The depositors are encountering difficulties in retrieving their funds, leading to mounting anger and resentment. Despite assurances that priority would be given to senior citizens, women, and disabled individuals during the application process, the reality is far from ideal. The current setup in Bangalore is chaotic, with hundreds of depositors congregating at the center simultaneously, resulting in a state of confusion. Consequently, the depositors are fervently requesting the implementation of application filing arrangements in Belagavi. This would alleviate the burden on the depositors, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process for reclaiming their funds.

14 thoughts on “Depositors of Sangoli Rayanna Coop Society to get their money back”

  1. Money shd be refunded by crediting accts in banks. No need of this :pilgrimage”, to Bglru. Why trouble seniors and hapless depositors? This shd hv hapnd withjn 1 yr. What abt interest at 7%?
    30dec23 Bglru

  2. Please let me the address of office where we have to submit application to claim the deposit amount of Sangoli Rayanna co – op Society.

    • Special officer and Competent Authority, IMA and other KPIDFE cases, 4th floor, Podium block,V V Tower, Dr. B.R Ambedkar Veedhi,
      Bengaluru-560001. The application form along with supporting documents will be received from 06-01-2023 to 05-01-2023.

  3. Entire belgavi depositors will be very thankful to the authorities concerned if the filing of application or any transaction take place in belgavi and before as per the matter many complaints and applications were filled to the departments

  4. My urged to Government Please open special counters to Senior Citizens Depositer of society…. In Belgavi. So avoid from travel to Bangaluru.

  5. In this present situation no one is helping to depositers. The political willpower is zero. Why MLA’s of belgaum are not responding for the poor depositors, is unimaginable.
    My request to all political higher authorities to help the depositors immediately, and keep their morality alive.

  6. 100% depositer are from belgaum itself. Pls God shake make arrangements over here. Have pitty on us and be example for future generations. Hope Understand us
    Thank you

  7. What about bhimambiak society which is under sangoli rayana society when will the money refunded from bhimambika society?

  8. If anyone having notification details regarding submeeting deposits details to assistant commissioners office belgaum during 26Aug 2021 to 24 September 2021. I came to know that, it was in newspaper “Vijay Karnataka”

  9. As on today May – 2024 Gajaraj & Bhimambika Society’s (Sister concern of SRS) claim forms are accepting in respective places at Tahsildar office.


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