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Police apprehend money-doubling syndicate following a complaint from a man who lost Rs 25 lakh in a scam

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A gang consisting of seven members, who managed to escape with Rs 25 lakh after deceiving a man with promises of doubling his money, has been apprehended by the Kakati Police in Belagavi District. The main culprit, Janvi, along with her six accomplices, had been swindling numerous individuals by luring them with the prospect of doubling their investments. The gang was finally caught after Siddana Gowda, a resident of Vidyanagar in Gokak Taluk, filed a complaint upon losing Rs 25 lakh to their fraudulent scheme.

The incident began when Janvi struck up a conversation with Siddana Gowda on a bus during his return journey from Kollapur to Gokak in November. Posing as someone with connections to a bank, she convinced Siddana Gowda that she could help him multiply his money through a special investment scheme. Janvi cunningly instructed the victim to meet her at a hotel in Yamakanmardi with a substantial amount of cash.

To further deceive him, the other members of Janvi’s gang disguised themselves as police officers and apprehended her along with the cash from the hotel, immediately after Siddana Gowda handed over the money.

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The Kakati Police, acting undercover as potential investors, approached the gang seeking their assistance in doubling their own money. This ruse ultimately led to the arrest of the entire gang. The police managed to seize a car and a significant amount of cash from the accused individuals.

The arrested individuals are as follows: Deepa Awatagi, apprehended on December 21; Shivananda Mathapathy and Appaiah Pujari, captured on December 22; and Sunil Vibhuti, Sachin Kumar Ambli, Bharatesh Agasara, and Sashikumar Dodnnavar, all arrested on December 23. In total, seven individuals have been taken into custody and are now facing prosecution.

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