Srinivas Charmarthy biking with a motive to encourage entrepreneurship

Srinivas Charmarthy an Engineer by profession, passionate biker and an entrepreneur from Hyderabad.

Bella Vista Belagavi

Mr. Srinivas Charmarthy, a Biomedical Engineer by profession and an entrepreneur involved in serious research is a passionate biker too. So far he has traveled 19.2 lakh KM all across the nation on bike and has a record of riding 2700km in 32 hours.

Srinivas Charmarthy on his bike touring with a mission

Currently he is on a specific mission aimed at motivating the budding engineering, management and other professional college students to take up entrepreneurship and solve problems faced by the society at large with innovative products and services. He has a plan to reach out to as many engineering and other professional colleges as possible in coming two years and motivate and empower the students. While interacting with the students at IMER college he emphasized that every student must set clear goals before they do anything and constantly work towards achieving them. He also highlighted the importance of following the safe riding practices like wearing helmet when riding the bike.