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Bapu-Bittoo: In search for answers

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Bittoo: Bapu.

Bapu: Yes Bittoo.

Bittoo: When will the Road Over Bridge near Belagavi railway station be completed Bapu?

Bapu: I don’t know Bittoo.

Bittoo: When will the city have smart roads, smart drainage lines, smart drinking water system and smart men to oversee Operations & Maintenance of the civic facilities Bapu?

Bapu: I don’t know Bittoo.

Bittoo: To what extent the local civic administration is responsive to the problems created by their own do’s & don’ts Bapu?

Bapu: I don’t know Bittoo.

Bittoo: Oh! Then what do you know Bapu?

Bapu: I know that Government’s work is God’s work as written on the top of the Vidhan Soudha, the seat of government in the State capital Bangalore.

Bittoo: Fine Bapu! So, if the government or the local administrations don’t respond to people’s woes, should the people go to temples to request God to come to their rescue Bapu?

Bapu: I don’t know Bittoo.


This is a citizen-centric new column, wherein the author(Bitto) is an ordinary, politically unaffiliated common man of the city who in his/her inimitable approach takes up various issues with the Bapu’s soul! Apparently, the interaction between them portrays ironies of sorts encountered by the common man and others in the city in a lighter vein. The author’s name will not be disclosed to the readers as he/she represents the common man of the society. This column aims at creating awareness and sensitising cross sections of our city on various issues of public concern only but in a lighter vein without holding any contempt against any institution or individual.

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1 thought on “Bapu-Bittoo: In search for answers”

  1. Mantu: I always dreamed to see Belagavi as second capital of Karnataka, Many times imagined about the better infrastructure, Cement roads, Well maintained gardens, Developed industries, Better flight connectivity, Better job facility for our youth, A public health care, Good education in less cost (or for free) for every poor kid like me (in childhood).
    I always wondered how my Belagavi would change if every educated stayed back in here with a good IT job, I expected my mother not to shout on authorities if 24X7 water supply was done when we have adequate resources, I Expected all those industries to grow high to sky who supplies spares to Mangalayan, I expected A nice ring to my city so that my Belagavi kids dont get hit by lorries, I expected A good medical facility to the poor where they don’t get looted, I expected a Dharwad Belagavi railway line which connects us quickly, I expected to have a good pension schemes to elderly citizens, I expected to have some nice Welcome signage’s to my city, I expected to have FM stations in my Belagavi, I expected to have better electricity supply , I expected to have Belagavi as the first and fastest growing smart city Bapu,, Why my expectations are not fulfilled ?

    Bapu : Expectations hurt. Be the change you want to see

    Mantu : What do you mean ?

    Bapu : These all expectations get fulfilled when you become a MP.

    Mantu : Are you serious ? Why Should I ?

    Bapu :
    If every one keeps expecting and their expectations are not fulfilled due to some one then you must get into the system.
    People like you who have seen poverty, Who keeps a willingness to work for society and country , Who has a vision, Who can work for every one, Who has raised from a Slum life to a better NRI and seen the world, who can work for people in a more than expected way, Who has fought for people and get the system corrected, who has helped people and rescued wild life, Who has love and affection towards Belgaum/Belagaon/Belagavi and can do their best to get it noticed by the world . if he keeps himself idle and just keeps expecting from some one who don’t work then who will fulfill the expectations of Belagavi people ? Go its time. Be the change you want to see…

    Mantu : Thank you Bapuji for the inspiration. Let the show Begin .


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